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2009 Yamaha XJ6 Diversion

  1. congrats :)
  2. Congratulations StoneyXJ6StoneyXJ6, from one XJ6 owner to another!

    They're a great bike, relatively rare. Yours looks great in iridescent red with gold rims. The bikini fairing on the Diversion will probably make the airflow a bit cleaner than on my naked XJ6NL. I hope you enjoy riding yours as much as I have mine.
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  3. Cheers XJ6N, yeah I'm lovin it. Was originally wanting a cruiser but I didn't quite have enough cash at the time. Went to Frasers to look at a few bikes and size myself up to them, the bloke recommended the diversion he conveniently had on sale, lol, 20 minutes later I was handing over the cash, didn't have a licence at the time so just sat on it in the shop to see how it felt, was quite comfy. Got my licence a few weeks later and take her for a ride pretty much every day
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  4. That's great you're enjoying yours too! They are a thoroughly easy and comfortable motorcycle to ride - sporty enough to be easy through the bends with enough power for the highway and a riding position you can stay in all day long. I've put 20,000 kilometres on mine in the 20 months I've owned it it hasn't missed a beat.
  5. Yeah, good bikes, brings back memories.

    I had an XJ 550 for a while, and loved it, then bought my son an XJ600 Diversion for his time at Uni. We both had many great rides on it. Just a good solid dependable fun bike, that just works.