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QLD 2009 Yamaha TTR 125

Discussion in 'Stolen Bike Register' at netrider.net.au started by sbk_750, Mar 7, 2012.

  1. Scumbags.

    Link HERE

  2. just received this aswel ... low life scum... hope they find it
  3. Thanks for sharing this.
    Makes my blood boil. I would imagine the thieves wouldn't know the story behind it (though you never know...), but regardless, it's a sucky thing to steal, and the heart breaks reading about the circumstances.

    On a more positive note though, I did notice in the comments on the Facebook post ( http://www.facebook.com/QueenslandPolice/posts/257388511010381 ) that riders on other bike forums were offering to put their pennies together to get him another one.
  4. Makes me so angry to read this kind of thing. God help the thieves if they are found, they'll need it.
  5. hoprfully local paper will print it - thieves crap themselves as now its a hot item they cant use in public, and an anonymous tip to police will reveal the "dumped" bike. but thats bieng optomistic...... most likely on a farm somewhere:(

    but i hope the theives take it to a popular local spot, where some guys recognise it and they have an "accident"

    though if their smart nothing a new set of plastics wont fix......
    email the local bikeshops, incase someone is making enquires on just that
  6. Dirty thieves, if they get caught they should have to return the bike in mint condition and have their possessions taken from them and sold off with the money going to the charity. Grubby little parasites. Hopefully a local bike shop/ club can help the victim out.