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2009 Yamaha R6

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Sammyb66, Aug 21, 2013.

  1. Hey guys!

    I've just received my extremely amazing 20009 Yamaha R6 in black and gold! She's stunning to look at and a dream to ride.

    But. I need some advice from the general public. She runs with a Micron pipe but I'm only getting about 160kms out of a full tank. I'm filling her with 98 and she runs beautifully on it. Is this unusually low kms per tank for this bike??

    Any advice/help would be awesome :)
  2. That's a hot bike sammy .................... errrrr, i forget the next question ;)
  3. Should get at least 200 on a tank. You probably only need 95 as well
  4. 20009!

    How did you fit it in the Delorean :confused:
  5. Shhh, an extra 0 slipped in! You know what I meant!

    Do you reckon the pipe is pulling extra fuel? Admittedly, as soon as the petrol light comes on I'm filling up. So might stretch a bit more than the 160 per tank but I'm not willing to risk that yet!
  6. I have no idea with that bike. But how much fuel does it take to fill up after 160km's?
  7. I get 5.5-6l/100 km out of my 636 most of the time when I am scratching.

    How many litres is 160km?
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    I would think that you should be able to get atleast 260klm out of a tank.

    160 does seem a bit heavy on the juice. Does it have a Power commander or something or is the airfilter blocked.

    http://www.motorcyclespecs.co.za/model/yamaha/yamaha_r6 09.htm

    Fuel Capacity 17.5 Litres
    Consumption average 19.3 km/lit
  9. I get 6.5 L/100 on my 675 around town.
  10. Shouldn't be the pipe, and if it is it wouldn't have such a drastic effect on the mileage. Does the bike start up properly, and rev smoothly? Might be something to do with the air filter, or your riding style perhaps? :p
  11. So I've worked out that 11 and a bit litres is getting me about 160-175kms.

    Don't think it's my riding style as I'm being careful as hell seeing how new it is! Not sure about an air filter as I haven't had a really in depth look... Still jut enjoying the ride!
  12. sounds about rite
  13. ooooh a girl sammy oooooh
  14. Yeah I know. Girl riding a nice motorbike... Look out lads!
  15. theres another sammy on the forum i bet hes not as hot as you though
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  16. Nah.. I'm hotter :p
  17. hmmm, might have to go to tassie to compare
  18. check the manual and see when the light comes on. my triumph holds a bit over 17 litres but the light comes on at about 13 or 14 litres, which is about 220k. seems it can be variable between bikes. I got in the habit of filling every 200k on my old 250 that didn't have a petrol gauge so I don't even see the light too often.
  19. My bikes about the same. Light comes on around 160-180km, but I still have around 5-7 litres give or take
  20. Thanks all for your help :) So long as I don't run out of fuel, I think I'm all good!

    But.... Now the really important bit. My sexy beast needs a name. Male, dangerous sounding but nothing stupid!

    Suggestions welcomed!