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SA 2009 Yamaha Jog

Discussion in 'Stolen Bike Register' started by willdog, Feb 15, 2011.

  1. Hi Everyone,

    I had my 2009 Yamaha Jog stolen from my verandha a few nights ago between 10pm - 6am. It was my only form of transport!

    rego: S19ADT
    VIN number: LPRSA32T99A112053
    Engine number: A147E111983

    I didn't have much hope of seeing it again but while I was riding my bicycle home from work I saw it been rode down Winston Ave and Daws road around the South road area :furious:. my legs couldnt go fast enough to catch up.

    If anyone see's it please let me know so I can send a recovery party. I live close by so I guess its ended up somewhere local, but who knows how long it will remain in one piece!!
  2. Not good mate.. fingers crossed you catch the fella... he must be pretty stupid ridding it around with those plates on knowing that the owner would have reported it stolen ...
  3. Town/City?
  4. Thanks Kingy.

    Oops yeah its Daw park St Mary's area. Adelaide
  5. Hey mate ill keep an eye out for it and i have given the detail to fronds as well
  6. Thanks Samuel, appreciate that.