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2009 Valentines Day suggestion

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by pvda, Feb 10, 2009.

  1. With Valentines Day fast approaching and the usual waste of money associated with it I heard a great suggestion on the radio driving in to work this morning.

    Instead of buying your Valentine a bunch of roses or box of chocolates how about giving him/her a receipt saying you donated money to a bushfire charity.

    It was also suggested that if he/she doesn't understand that the person doesn't deserve to be in a relationship with you.
  2. This is an excellent idea. :!:

    My sister does a similar thing at christmas. Last year a got a little card that said I had donated a chicken to an African village. It was great.
  3. Zelda fan? How about a digital card?

  4. very good idea. you guys can give me a new girlfriend if you like.
  5. Get her an xBox :wink:
    ...pew pew...
  6. #7 geeth, Feb 10, 2009
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  7. Bump.

    & thanks to some of you with your bad taste replies which really aren't required on a subject like this :evil:
  8. Put some effort into your gift, she loves things that you took the time to make, eg. Create a meaningful poem, hand write it in your neatest handwriting on some nice coloured paper and frame it. Then on the night, read the poem off a scrap piece of paper and towards the end of the night give her the neatly written framed one!

    This will be a winner!
  9. r u sure ur not gay ramjet ^^^^^^^^^
  10. pvda, very good idea.
    Commercialism of a romantic day is not good anyway.
  11. pvda please pm me :eek:
  12. Sorry. Apologies if my Link cartoon offended.

    I don't believe in St Valentine's Day at all. I would prefer not to donate any money in replace of a gift, as I'd rather keep the issues entirely separate.
  13. Slightly OT, do you "believe" in Christmas then?

    I think the idea of donating the $ value of a gift to a worthy cause has great merit!

    And with the catastrophic effect of the recent bushfires, ESPECIALLY NOW!
  14. Too much effort, just get her drunk :LOL:
  15. The reality is that anything will do.
  16. I'll just buy her some chocolates, get her drunk and try and stick it in her arse again.

    Happy Valentines.
  17. Try. just tie her up. Or roofies
  18. Madshit.

    We should get together and swap hints one day Geeth.
  19. Hehehe, you know XD

    I even named my car Roofie (no thats not a joke)