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2009 Triumph Street Triple R

Discussion in 'Archived' started by spawn, Aug 14, 2011.

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  1. 2009 Triumph Street Triple R (PAUSED)

    I'm putting this sale on hold till I get a resolution from Triumph Australia.. Thanks for the interest so far, I will keep the thread open and keep you updated..


    My engine self-destructed last weekend. Balancer shaft broke through the engine casing. Engine is stuffed. This is after 64,000km of a well serviced bike. Was riding along when I heard a grinding sound, I thought my chain had come off, I pulled the clutch in to check if the engine was running an it dropped to 0 rpm (I don't think it's seized but probably the crankshaft/balancer gears are jammed), let the clutch out and the rear locked up - fishtailing the rear till I pulled the clutch in again. Pulled up, oil everywhere, smoke from the oil on the pipes.

    Replacing the engine is too expensive and not an option for me. The best is going to be selling the bike as-is for parts so if anyone is interested let me know. Arrow pipes, pazzos, K&N filter, belly pan, oem bar ends, oggy knobs, other than the engine the bike is in excellent condition.

    I located a seller on ebay selling a whole engine with 1500km for $2000. If you're up to it this may be an option to repair. Not sure if it's still available but it gives an idea of what is required to get this on the road.

    Asking $3000, obo. Will be deregistering this week so rego / roadworthy (obviously) not included.

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  2. if only i knew what i was doing

    sucks to hear man hope it goes to a good home!
  3. Thanks m8. I was really pissed off, this is after only 64k, was expecting it to last a lot longer given how well I've taken care of it!
  4. Passing this on to my Bro In-law who's in the market for a ride & not scared of a rebuild.
  5. Thanks, as much as I love the bike, I don't have time / resources to fix it up so it has to go :(
  6. That sucks man!! Hugely disappointing for anyone to have a motor grenade it's self.

    I'll do some reading and have a think about it.
  7. ok, ive changed my thinking from no way i can do that to possibly interested :p

    my issue is i know nothing bout working on bikes cept oil changes :p
  8. jump on it enigman, sounds like a great project, just take your time with it, keep your current ride till the jobs done then get cash back on your sale.
  9. Motor swaps aren't really that hard, just time consuming. I'd be happy to help you out when I get back from OS if you decide to do it. That is, if I don't buy it haha
  10. you better not! doing some pretty hard thinking atm :)
  11. Hmm this is making me have a think, I have till late December on my restrictions & have been considering a naked bike such as the Street Triple..

    Could be a fun project...

    How are the other items on the bike, tires, chain, brakes, suspension etc etc..
  12. Hey guys, Triumph Australia want to look at it.

    I'm putting this sale on hold till I get a resolution.. Thanks for the interest so far, I will keep the thread open.
  13. Keep us posted to what Triumph Aus say!
  14. Will do, in any case, whatever the resolution, fixed or not I will be selling the bike, obviously price will depend on if it's fixed or not :LOL:
  15. i hope if its fixed, it wont cost to much more :p
  16. Would be interesting if they offered you a free replacement engine..

    I reckon they would be a little concerned that a catastrophic failure such as the one you experienced occurred at so relatively few k's..
  17. depends if you want it with the ohlins ttx shock ;)

    I'm sure that's their primary reason for looking at it, but if it's such a freak event they may throw some 'goodwill' my way, it will all depend how much of my own $ I have to contribute. Personally I think it should be zero and I'll push for it depending on what they come back with...
  18. Let me know if it is still on the market ?
  19. Interesting.
  20. It's being looked at, I will post back here once that's done. Will be selling in any case like I posted above...
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