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2009 Triumph Daytona SE - Pearl White

Discussion in 'Archived' at netrider.net.au started by GuJohnno, Apr 8, 2010.

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  1. 2009 Triumph Daytona SE - Pearl White - SOLD

    Due to starting up a new business, I am selling my beloved bike.

    Make & Model: 2009 TRIUMPH DAYTONA 675 - 675CC MY09
    Colour: PEARL WHITE
    Kilometres: 5987
    Condition: Excellent
    Reg Expiry: 7/2010
    Price SOLD
    Reason for selling: Opening up a 4WD shop
    Location: Langwarrin, Victoria
    Contact number: 0428 331 211​

    Limited Edition 2010 Triumph Daytona SE (registered in 2009) - Pearl White in colour with a blue fleck - Only 8 brought into Australia and very rare and hard to get bike!
    This bike is in immaculate condition with no marks or damage anywhere - always garaged.

    Bike cost $16,890.00 new and has over $4,000.00 in accessories including:
    Ozzy Knobs, Axle Armour sliders, Ecliptech Twinlight Driver2, Ignitor Alarm, Fumoto Qwik Valve, Tuneboy tuning module, Skidmarx Carbon Fibre hugger, Super Bright LED's, Halo Platinum White globes, Clear tank protector, Pazza leavers, Jardine RT-1 CF/Ti exhaust, Hordpower collector (not fitted), BMC road filter (not fitted), 520 conversion, Renthanal front sprocket, Vortex 49T rear sprocket, DID ERV3 chain, Stomp Grip tank pads (not fitted), Triumph rear seat cowl, Proton flush mount indicators (not fitted), Zero Gravity Double Bubble light smoke screen, Cox Radiator guard (not fitted). ​

    Will suit new buyer or the most fussiest of people.
    This bike is so much fun to ride.
    These motors are one of the best in the business and combined with the very sweet sound of the Jardine exhaust, you will have a huge smile every time you ride it.
    Very reluctant sale.

  2. Awesome. Outta my price range, but awesome. Good luck!
  3. Very Nice
  4. :shock::shock::shock::shock:

    Condolences Dude on having to sell your baby to start your business, hard choice to make, to avoid selling mine I'm staying in the country an extra 6 months so I can go overseas and keep her for when I get back. I know how you must feel, such a brilliant bike!! Good luck with the business however, I'm sure it'll pay off.

    The above mentioned, if you can't sell them in the initial sale I'd be interested in buying them off you. Stomp Grips clear yeah?

    Good luck with the business and bike sale mate.

  5. DO WANT.

    Can't afford :( Theres one that goes past me on my commute, I try to keep up to listen to it, but the 125 isn't so hot up hills.
  6. Oh no... i remember how excited you were to be getting it and during the wait! I can totally sympathise with the sacrifices for setting up a new business... wish i was able to snap this bike up now mine is better established!
  7. If mine get's written off I'm getting straight on a plane...
  8. I think I just jizzed in my pants.....

    Sorry to hear you need to part with it, even sorrier to say that I can't take it. All the best with the business too.
  9. Cheers for the comments guys.

    I really do love this bike, it puts a massive smile on my face every time I ride it - or look at it - or think about it....

    ... the sacrifices that we have to make...
  10. Price is now $15,490.00

    Bargain for what is on it!
  11. Yes, clear Stomp Grips - Not fitted yet
  12. looks awesome man, i wish i was in a position to consider it!
  13. Hmmm If I was ready to sell my learner bike right now I'd be knocking on your door... have to complete a respray though...

    Having access to a pair of these would be quite hilarious haha

    Good luck... (although I kind of hope it doesn't sell for a little while so I can get my finance up haha)

    Fantastic bikes to ride!
  14. Still for sale.

    Price has been dropped to $14,990.00!

    Some more pics:

  15. Well mine did get written off... :(

    Still a bit more than I'm gonna get back, but I'll see what I can do. Might be in touch in a couple of weeks!
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