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2009 Triumph daytona 675 SE

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by GOOSH, May 3, 2009.

  1. Wow! That looks amazing! I love it! The new decals are wicked!
  2. saw this on the net today,
    the blue is alright, but would prefer the blue to be a dark red, and the duke 848 white pearl for the skin!
    still looks unreal tho!
  3. Wow, everyone wants a piece of the white bike action!

    Does look hot, although I'd still take the black and gold 08 SE over this one. Not that I'd say no if someone was chucking me the keys... (go nice with my new leathers too...)

    I like the blue frame and swingarm, probably would have prefered all blue wheels rather than the pinstripe though, and not sold on the bottom decal - just the Daytona logo without the stripes for mine. Still hot though.
  4. Anyone want to buy a slightly used kidney? :p
  5. I too prefer the black/gold scheme.

    Not really a fan of this.
  6. Triumph have really outdone themselves on this one.
    That Bike is DaSex
  7. I like.
  8. Wow, stunning! Is it coming to Australia?
  9. Love it.

    Daytonas are my favourite looking sports bike.
    Hoping to get one as my upgrade
  10. Looks like the old bike with a blue frame.... the blue frame looks pewk!

    The 675's seem to be a good bike but I think this one looks crap.
  11. Love the look of it. Might be enough to sway me over to the Trumpy in a few months time!
  12. =P~ =P~ =P~
  13. The Blue Frame wouldn’t be anything special except for the White Fairings, They set it off Brilliantly
  14. I like that a lot, the blue really makes it stand out.

    Are they coming here?
  15. Very, very nice... but whats with making a SE and the only difference is the colour? Should have some more power, or some trick bits or something. Like i was checking out the 675 "McCoy Edition" at PS Dandy on the weekend... the only thing making it a McCoy Edition (as far as i could tell) was that he signed it in two places, otherwise its just a regular 675?
  16. I saw that there. it looks like some one has graffiti it
  17. Same deal with the Hanspree CBR600RR, Rizla GSXR1000, old Rossi R6, Monster ZX10R... it's all about looking pretty!

    If it's anything like the last SE, they'll bring less than 10 to Aus, and PoS will get nearly half of them!