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2009 Triumph Daytona 675 - Extras Galore

Discussion in 'Archived' at netrider.net.au started by myoda, Apr 17, 2013.

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  1. #1 myoda, Apr 17, 2013
    Last edited: May 10, 2013
    2009 Triumph Daytona 675.
    PRICE with RWC: $7,350
    Reason for sale: Changing to something more upright. I've done around 3,000kms since purchased 2 years ago.
    This is the forth bike I've sold, and second one on this forum.
    - 14,800kms
    - Long Rego - December 2013
    - No finance owing
    - Always garaged and stored under bike cover
    - Arrow slip-on exhaust - Triumph dealer accessory
    - Carbon Fibre extended front fender
    - Carbon FIbre tank protector - Triumph accessory
    - Carbon Fibre tank end protectors
    - Stompgrip tank grips
    - Powder coated black rear Pillion pegs
    - Metzeller K3 tyres, front and rear only done 2500kms.
    - Two keys
    - This bike was purchased as a repairable write off with minor damage to RHS of the bike. It was repaired using the following parts.
    - Original VIV inspection documents that I submitted after all repairs, stamped with VIV inspectors stamp.
    - OEM Full BLACK SET OF FAIRINGS from 2010 675. INCLUDES rear tail fairing, side fairings and nose fairing. yes these are all original Triumph parts
    - OEM Tank -BLACK from 2010 675. Don't even ask how much these cost, this is a brand new tank.
    - OEM Engine Balance cover
    - OEM Clutch cover
    - OEM Clutch arm and spring
    - OEM Bar end
    - OEM Throttle grip
    - OEM RHS Mirror
    - OEM Rear fender/number plate holder
    - OEM Rear passenger pegs - Painted black to match rest of the bike
    - OEM Rear seat
    - New battery
    Additional parts not fitted, but included in sale:
    - Genuine Triumph Oil filter
    - Oil crush washer
    Test rides done with cash deposit and ID, or you can sit on the back while I take you around the block.
    Reasonable offers considered without RWC.
    Mechanical checks welcome. All questions answered, if you are a learner looking to upgrade then I'll be more than willing for you to come inspect to see if it's right for you. ;)


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  2. Looks like I"ll be keeping this for a while. Surprised that no one wants to come look.

    My other bike for sale, a cbr250RR MC22 was snapped up by the first person who came to look at it yesterday.
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  4. Price drop
    $8850 with RWC
    $8500 without.

    I've taken off the protection covers and put some of the original OEM parts back on so you can see the bike and covers underneath are not damaged in any way. Protection covers are not included, hence the price drop.

    Inspections welcome.
  5. Update. Aftermarket bits have been returned to stock original parts.

    Price is now $7850 with RWC, $7650 without ONO.

    For this price, considering what you are getting, it's a very good deal.
  6. Updated photos of actual bike. Scratches on fairing are just below the 675 on the RHS of the bike.

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  7. great looking bike at a nice price. just wanted to say kudos for pricing it respectably - i've monitored 675 prices for a looong time and 99% of the listings (bikesales, ebay, gumtree) are without fail 2-5k over priced and never move - especially considering theres a revamped model just out!

    if i was a bit closer & in the market i'd snap that up!
  8. I'm not in the market for one but isn't that a bit expensive for a repairable write off? I see a few 675 on bike sales for cheaper that are not a repairable write off.
  9. Not sure what your idea of a repairable write off is but it's probably a very cheap price for one.

    I'm actually dropping price for 7k without RWC, and $7350 with. Mechanically no issues, only some scratches that still remain, but no big deal. Done a long time on mine.
  10. Yeah I know a repairable write off can be perfectly fine, my current bike is also a repairable write off. It just that people tend to avoid buying touching them because of the title. $7.3k sound like a great price. I was looking at your posted price of $8.5k and didn't see the lowered price, hence why I thought it was a bit expensive when there are bike without the repairable write off for similar prices.

    If it not sold by the time I'm off restriction in July I'd definitely be interested. ;)
  11. #11 CraigA, May 10, 2013
    Last edited: May 10, 2013
    Mate, you must be comparing 06-08 model prices with this bike which isn't really fair. You're not comparing apples with apples! The 09 was a new and improved updated model. Would you really expect an 09 to be in the same price bracket as an 06 for any other model, all other things being equal ( klms, history)?

    If you were trying to sell your ninja 250 for say $5K and I came onto your classified page and told you it seemed over priced because I can buy an older kwaka 250 for $3K, would you be ok with that?

    Try narrowing your search to 09 model bikes and up. This bike is cheaper by several thousand dollars when compared to any other 09 model Daytona for sale at the moment. It should be as it is a repairable write off, but to say that it is dearer than an equal bike that isn't is just misleading.

    There is only one 09+ model bike on bikesales for less than 10K and that's this one.
  12. Thanks for the info, I didn't realised the 09 was a new model, they look similar. If you look at my original post I put a question mark at the end of my station because I wasn't sure.
    And if someone tell me my ninja is overpriced then I'd just simply explain to them the difference between the two models. It not like I came in here and rudely accuse myoda of selling an overpriced bike, just simply let me know I'm wrong and I'll admit it.
  13. No problems.

    The 09 has an upspec engine which is the major difference. Same all the way until 2012. Not sure if it's changed in the 2013 models. There's also a few other changes in the 09 that I can't remember so much. I just ride.
  14. #14 CraigA, May 11, 2013
    Last edited: May 11, 2013
    There were over 50 changes made between the 08 and 09 model if memory serves me correctly. Only 2 were cosmetic.
  15. i missed the repairable write-off part. still nice bike.
  16. Still very, very well priced too!
    According to redbook average price for this model is between $9200-$10900.
    Wholesale/trade in price is where this bike is. Sure it has history but still a very cheap bike for someone.
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