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2009 Triumph Bonneville - What are they thinking?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by QuarterWit, Aug 10, 2008.

  1. Seriously?

    Mags on a retro model? They've just made a beautiful bike accelerate rather sluggishly into the barbed wire fence that seperates good looking bike territory and ugly bike land (largely populated by 1983-1997 faired sportsbikes)

    And here it sits in all it's glory...


    I find it funny that the Yamaha style mags they've put on the bike tend to be the first thing a lot of SR500 and XS650 owners try and ditch for spokes. Call my cynical, but why on earth would they do this? Are cast mags cheaper to make and assemble than spokes?

    And will spoked wheels manage to pop up as a bloody expensive aftermarket part from the factory?

    Congratulations to those who got the last of the old model standard bonnie's - your resale value just went up.

    On the bright side, the T100 keeps mags, and manages to paint it's sidecovers the same colour as the tank.
  2. Our entire retro line up looks like shit compared to Ducati.

    ^ exactly what triumph were thinking.
  3. They're easier to clean???
  4. I don't mind the mags so much... but I really hate the black painted motor.
  5. Me likey!

    But then I ride a sportsbike............ :grin:
  6. I'm torn on it.

    I can see where they're going, and where they're going isn't totally a bad place to be - that place with tastefully restored classic musclecars wearing tastefully-designed modern wheels and modern tyres.

    I'm just not sure the Bonny gets there.
  7. I like it, kind of nostalgic, compare it to the 30 year ago 1979 T140



  8. But those mags are so retro. Spokes only look good when it’s new, after 10,000kms blokes with dodgey knees don’t wanna get into them to bring the shine back.

    I like modern retros because they do give you some measure to pin ‘em back when you wanna ride like a teenager, & also they do the ‘wallow’ before the snap & pitch….
  9. I'd prefer to use tubeless over tubed tyres too.
  10. Looking at that '79 Bonnie you can clearly see the mags are similar to the ones on the latest Bonnie.

    But that would be a Harris triumph wouldn't it?

    My 74 T140 had spoke wheels though so I suppose it depends upon what era Bonnie one remembers.

    But if you look at the motor even the '79 only has the barrel blacked out... the bottom end being black just looks wrong!
  11. mmm first reaction was WTF I love spokes, I still do but thinking about cleaning them sends my old knees into shock! I find it bad enough cleaning my chrome wheels on my car, spokes would be PITA.

    The mags, after a bit of a think are not bad. Now if they would just change the big ugly footpegs and do something with those aweful forks the bike would look ace. :cool:
  12. imho it looks great. but they should be black
  13. Always been a fan of spokes and my Beemer and Aprilia both had spoked rims that could take tubeless tyres :cool:
  14. I personally love the look of the fuel injection system, ingenious. :cool:
  15. I was going to make the point that Banoobi's already raised. That is, that late Meriden Bonnies had similar allys.

    Then I realised that I hadn't liked them much either.

    Although I'd be prepared to overlook their ugliness if someone offered me one of the otherwise gorgeous export Bonnies cheap :) .
  16. It's not a Harris, ZRX, they came later. I'm torn on the mags too, I can see what they are trying to do, but ..... :-s
  17. They wanted it to look like a CB250 :LOL:
  18. Speaking of which, does this mean Honda will shortly be fitting Comstars to their retro bikes, for that ugly, heavy, hard to clean, deathtrap-in-a-crosswind, early '80s touch?
  19. Could this be the beginning of the end for the British bike industry???

    Ugly! They're alright on the originals, and on the SR500, only because they were always there and because the bike's lines do say 70's. But I take it the retro which the Bonneville's are meant to achieve is closer to 60's than 70's?
  20. Good point MattB, has triumph missed why people loved their bikes? Putting aside the 675 a lot of people have been drawn to the bikes because they looked like the bikes that our parents rode or the bad guys down the road did! Maybe by bringing forward the retro theme to late '70s they are targetting new group of riders ready for the retro theme? So norton goldflake would be the next logical paint!