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NSW 2009 Suzuki GSXR 1000

Discussion in 'Bikes for Sale' started by Jashdown, May 24, 2016.

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    Selling my 2010 Suzuki GSXR 1000. The bike was dropped at a standstill after a driver bumped into the front wheel, knocking me off balance. The engine top end is seized as a result of this (feel free to ask how in the comments, it's absurd). There is very minor damage to left hand side fairing, almost unnoticeable, the clutch lever is snapped but still useable, and there is very scuffing on the left mirror.

    Aside from this, the bike is in perfect condition, it had 15000km on the clock at the time of the accident and has had all recalls done.

    The bike has been through insurance and been classed as a repairable write-off, meaning it can't be re-registered in NSW, but can be in most other states as far as I'm aware. Can also be converted to a track bike if you have an engine in your possession, since that's all that is required to get it back to a near perfect gix.

    I'm also considering parting it out, so if you need any parts, make an offer on them. I'd prefer to sell the bike all at once to save the time of parting it out, but if there's no interest in the bike, I'll end up parting it out.


    <edit> Looking for at least $4k, otherwise I'm better off parting it out.
  2. How much for the bike as it stands?

    ................... and I'm now intrigued as to the 'absurd' engine seizing, do tell
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    Dunno for the bike. Whatever someone is willing to pay. The parts alone on it are worth a fair bit if sold individually, since racers tend to be quite interested.

    As for the engine seizure. Well, when the bike was knocked over, a circlip that holds one of the crankshaft seals in place was dislodged, allowing the seal to move position and subsequently allow oil past and into the stator cover. This resulted in a lack of oil pressure within the crankcase itself, preventing the oil jets on the underside of the pistons from firing oil sufficiently, which caused the small end rod bearings to seize into the pistons. I haven't researched the design of the K9 engine, but depending on how it's assembled, it could be a relatively simple rebuild, or an extremely expensive rebuild.

    OEM pistons are around $100 a piece, new bearings all round, assuming there was no contact with the valves, the valve train will be fine to leave alone, and assuming the crankcase/shaft is undamaged and reusable, it would probably end up costing me a bit over a grand to rebuild if I were to do it myself, or about $3k if I were to use my mechanic.

    If that all fails, I'm going to try to source a second hand engine, but I'm not sure what the costs of that would be.

    Since I can't edit my original post, I'll also add that there is a full stainless steel Yoshi system installed, along with a PC5.