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NSW 2009 Suzuki GS500F

Discussion in 'Bikes for Sale' at netrider.net.au started by cardboardtenant, Aug 1, 2016.

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    Having moved cities from Sydney to Brisbane, I didn't transport my bike up here with me (sacrilege I know!), and the poor thing sits in my mothers garage down South. I have only ridden it when I come back every couple of months, which is a shame for both it and me.

    : Suzuki GS500F
    Year: 2009, first purchased and registered January 2010.
    Rego #: RHF70
    Odometer: ~12,600km
    Price: $3,500for Netrider $3,200

    I used to commute into the city with this, as well as taking it on a few trips up the old pac. It's a very capable bike in both uses. Unfortunately it has had a lay down on the left side and a 20km slide on the RHS when I hit dirt on a corner. The damage are scratches and is very minor (pictured). It is mostly on the front fairing where the indicators mount to the main panel which houses the headlight. I have a replacement panel (only the main panel) and stickers available to repair this yourself for an extra $400. These usually sell for $600+ locally. Unfortunately due to me being interstate I have had no time to fit this before the sale. to change the fairing is fairly easy and there are many instructions on the net to move it all over. It should take less than 2 hours.

    For the commuting I have installed a Ventura rack and bag on the back. This easily holds all of your riding gear or work clothes and keep them dry when riding in the wet. For the longer rides I installed a USB charger to charge your phone.

    I have also installed an 04 R6 shock (same dimensions but stiffer) to accommodate the heavier rider and pillion. I used to bottom out on bumps by myself, now both my wife and I can ride without issues.

    I cleaned and oiled the chain every 750-1000km and is in top condition. It had it's 12,500km last year for rego and has only been riden 200km since then and been on a trickle charger. The bike has been started every 3 months. The bike comes with a logbook and has had all of the services required as well as the a spare key.

    The battery and front tyre are both brand new and still has some of the grease on the edges. A great opportunity for you to earn your own chicken strips ;)

    I will also throw in a magnetic tank bag as a sweetener.

    This is the perfect bike for the new rider of someone looking to upgrade from their 250cc. The torque is great for riding around in traffic and the bike handles great through the twisties. It's always fun riding this and catching sportbikes as it is such an underrated performer.

    Please call zeo four one six 074 eight two nine or PM.