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2009 Suzuki GS500F

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by PKD1, Jul 23, 2015.

  1. Hello, I just got my Ls and am looking around at buying a first bike, if you could be so kind and take a look at this link on gumtree and tell me your thoughts as I don't know much.. Of course I know you can't tell me everything without seeing it/ riding it, but any comments on this bike would be appreciated. Thank you

    2009 Suzuki GS500F | Motorcycles | Gumtree Australia Palmerston Area - Rosebery | 1083717549

  2. Do you mean about the gs500? Or this bike in particular?

    My thoughts on the GS500 are its a fine bike for learning but I think most riders will outgrow the limits of the bike well within the lambs period and want something a bit more. It does nothing wrong and nothing well.

    All one can really tell from that add that it doesn't appear to have been crashed. If it was crashed it seems to have been repaired cosmetically at least.

    Bit impossible to tell much else. If you go have a look at it check the fork seals aren't leaking (I.e oil on the forks). These bikes tend to go through them quickly.
  3. Can't really go wrong with a gs500 as a first bike. manageable power delivery, simple to maintain (aircooled twin). Maybe look for a non faired version as the the fairings always get hit when the bike is dropped.
    The photo's look ok but you will have to inspect it closely in person for chain and sprocket wear, brake pad wear and look at any service history it may have.
  4. Excellent first bike, I've got an '03 naked version (I feel fairings would be wasted on this model). My only complete is the front suspension is pretty weak and when driving single lane roads at 100Ks you have to plan your overtakes a bit.

    The valve check interval is a pain in the ass but otherwise dead simple bike to work on. I've put 10kkms on mine and am tossing whether I even need to upgrade.
  5. I have a 2013 GS500. I also bought the bike to see out my RE duration until I can get my R's. Like you, I did lots of reading to decide on the bike that would fit. It was between this and a few others. I think an SV650S and a CB400. The other two were out of my price range and everywhere I read said the GS500 was bomb proof and easy to fix. It's a no brainer. I don't intend to drop the bike, but you never know and until I get more experience riding on the road with road bikes (came from dirt bikes) then a few scratches on a cheap bomb proof bike is much better than damaging an expense one.

    Having the fairing will also make it that little bit heavier. In my opinion, run naked!

    - Cheap as to run.
    - Easy to fix.
    - Parts are everywhere as it's essentially the same bike for the past 20 years.
    - Light
    - Has a decent tone on it being twin cyl.
    - 0-100 in 6ish secs with my fat arse (115kg).

    - Front suspension? Yeah.. it's extremely soft. Mine bottoms on driveways with light braking. Orright on the highway though. There's parts around to assist but thicker shock oil will definitely help. Need to do it myself to be honest.
    - Seat's a bit hard. It's a short to medium range bike at best.
    - Get a tank scratch protector if it hasn't already got one.
    - Will need to wind it up a bit on the highway to overtake, but it's not as bad as people make it out.

    Hope it helps.
  6. This one looks neat enough. but the indicators look like aftermarket. The OEMs are orange square jobbies. V.Fugly!

    As per previous comments, check it out in daylight, or take someone who knows bikes with you.

    Got mine in Feb, spent $300.00 on new springs and oil for the forx. 7,000km later, we're getting along just fine. I've done 500km day rides with no trouble at all.

    As a basic, no frills bike, highly recommended. As a LAMS bike, there will always be a buyer, once you're ready to part company.
  7. Good choice for a first bike, bullet proof and basic. Reasonable performance 0 to 60 4.6 sec, mid 13s for 1/4 mile, more than enough for a learner. Priced right as well. Take your time selecting there are plenty around to choose from. Once comfortable with your riding on the GS do a couple of "stay upright" courses.
  8. Start if from cold. Stand strong, nick it for $3200 and you cant go wrong
  9. I had a GS500F as my first bike.

    Good resale value, mine lost $500 in 18 months
    Aircooled - not complicated to service
    No fancy electronics to break

    No Clock
    No gear indicator (don't care anymore but would have been nice for a first rider)
    Got the occasional false neutral
    Could be a pain to start from cold sometimes.
    Not great handling, brakes or acceleration

    But as a cheap to run learner bike it was good, seemed more like a proper bike and sounded alot better than the Ninja 300 that every other learner was riding.

    I grew out of it within 6 months, so if your going to be stuck on your restrictions for 2 years then I'd recommend something else, maybe a CBR500 or something fuel injected.
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  10. I've put about 15000ks on mine I like the same things most owners do so I'll talk about what I don't like:

    The chassis: It's possible to ride twisty stuff right to the point where power is a significant limitation. But if you do this on any less than perfect surface it will bang and shake and carry on. The handling is heavy. These factors will promote using good technique and are sometimes exciting fun wrestling with. But sometimes it is an exhausting pain in the arse.

    The engine and gearbox: Plenty of go for commuting but it doesn't wind up fast and only has about 1-2k-rpm of decent go. The gearbox is rather fond of false neutrals, which are extremely exciting north of 100kph.
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  11. While we're sharing our gripes, the headlight is pathetically useless on low beam
  12. You know the first ride home with my fireblade after hoping off the GS500 was mind blowing. The ride home was mostly freeway without any tight corners but as I was making the first tight bend of the trip into my street, and the thing just tipped into the corner so effortlessly and as smooth as silk....man I'm glad I'm off restrictions.
  13. I find mine surprisingly decent, but the only other bike I rode in the dark was the CB250, with its candle-like headlight.
  14. I have a 2006 gs500f as my first road and road riding bike, i love it
  15. change the bulb to a decent one and do some little adjustments up and down it made a world of different on my 09 gs500F
  16. It's the bike I have and I reckon it's a ripper. You will outgrow it (read - get used to the power), but it is still more than enough fun with enough to play with if you stay within the road rules.

    Lots of people keep it as a commuter, and its perfect. Comfy, fun in the twisties, enough guts for the freeway and cheap on petrol.

    As a first bike, you won't regret it.

    Can't comment on that specific bike though without seeing it in person.

    There are mechanics that will do an assessment for you though.
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