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2009 Suzuki GS500

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Mikey213, Jan 1, 2012.

  1. Hi guys long time lurker first time poster.

    Just upgraded yesterday to a suzuki gs500, from my first learner bike the suzuki gn250 1989.. i know people will laugh at the gn but it was a reliable comfortable learner bike and did well, bit slow but hey i'm not after speeding tickets!.

    I am now on my red p's until this july (2012)

    I am very happy with my purchase, bought it for $4000, plus 165.70 to change over ownership at vicroads, has rego till august 2012, 14,000 and some change kilometers, fantastic condition regularly serviced from the owner who bought it brand new.

    2009 model.

    goes well, handles well, sits on 100 comfortably, after reading many reviews and hearing nothing but good things from my local suzuki, i bought the bike privately, and couldn't be happier, just thought id share.

    Any tips on the bike will be helpful!

  2. Welcome to the world of bigger bikes; you won't get any argument about the Suzi 500 here, there's dozens of 'em :LOL:
  3. finally got some pictures up, and thanks hornet i couldn't be any happier with how it runs and rides, its fantastic, and i've noticed heaps of threads on them which is good.
  4. Welcome and Good on ya !
    Suzukis are good.
  5. Yes good man! I have a GS500, they are great bikes. I bought a yoshi exhaust for mine and it sounds wicked now. Also you should get a set of bar end mirrors :)

    Here is a link if you interested in the yoshimura exhaust. You just need to cut the original off with a hack saw. The new one bolts straight on in 10 minutes and comes with a baffle you can insert and remove with ease.


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  6. welcome and congrats on the new bike, went for a drive dwon beach rd today, spotted the cops about 10 times I think within 4 hours, bikes, cars, vans, theres a beach rd blitz so go easy on it. ride up to morn prac session tomorrow.

  7. hey mate, i was looking at the yoshi exhaust but i actually don't mind the sound of the stock one, and yes i looked into bar end mirrors as i can't see shit ( i made a thread), i just ordered some mirror extensions from my local suzuki, so ill see if that makes a difference, cause the mirrors themselves are good, just can't see anything except my arms.

    i'm a big bloke and almost 6 foot so its a bit frustrating, and i've been told the mirror extensions will solve that issue!

    and for the other bloke, yeah i went for a ride today (made a thread) down the peninsula.. for the first time in months, on the new bike.. which i've had almost a week, and i saw some cops but not many.. but if i go near beach road ill be on the lookout, i tend not to speed anyway!
  8. Very nice bike, looks in great condition. Enjoy!
  9. congrats mate great bike