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2009 Street Triple R

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Kojihama, Sep 30, 2010.

  1. The saga has ended! I picked up my new bike today :D 2009 Street Triple R.. paid a reasonable price for it given what's on Bikesales / Trading Post.

    Big mad props to Tom over at Team Moto Virgina (Brisbane)... he did the unbelievable and found one for me second hand. It was always going to be a hard sell with the misses to buy it brand new.

    It came with:
    - Bellypan
    - Front visor kit (both)
    - Radiator guard
    - Stand bobbins
    - 3 years extended warranty

    I added:
    - Oggy knobs
    - Cowl
    - Short levers
    - Arrow slip-ons (yet to arrive / install)



    :) :) :)

    Pics of the arrows on page2 :)
  2. Fantastic looking bike! Congrats on the new wheels. :D
  3. you'll love the arrows without the baffles
  4. sweet bike! :)
  5. Always a fan of the triple in any form! :)
  6. Congrats dude ! Great looking beast ;)
  7. Needs a NSFW warning, love it!
  8. Thanks all! I can't stop wanting to get on the thing and can't stop smiling everytime I ride it :D Just waiting for the arrows now... even though both the misses and I have both noticed that it's already loud enough and it vibrates through to the floor boards upstairs.. (incoming babies room too) so i'm going to have to roll it out to the drive way and start it up on the side of the road haha
  9. Sweet ride will look and sound mad with the arrows
    You certainly sound very happy with it
  10. Thats what i have to do...
  11. Nice ride Kojihama :) Very jealous, I have to wait for another 6 weeks or so. Eep.
  12. Good looking bike... congrats
  13. Just got my arrows fitted today.. omg so loud! I have to figure out how to get the baffles in.
  14. leave em out :D

    ...although, you will probably have to roll it down the street before starting it up :shock:
  15. Hi Kojihama.... what a bike...Read the latest mag and in a ride off against 6 o7 middle weights it blew the competitors off the road. Triple is No 1 amongst themiddleweights.. Well done!
  16. Nice bike dude, love the belly pan, rounds it off nicely
  17. I love this bike! Unless something drastic happens by the time I get my full license I will be buying one and definitely with the arrows. I'm not a big fan of the wind shield though, I wonder how bad it will affect the ride without it on.
  18. Updated: arrows are now on :)


  19. baffles in or out?
  20. Almost as sexy as mine! :p


    By the way, I noticed you said 3 years extended warranty. What does something like that cost if you know/have a receipt of the original purchase. Something I may consider with recent events. :( I like peace of mind!