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2009 Street Triple R. Can I borrow your stock exhaust pretty please?

Discussion in 'Naked' started by silly-striple, Oct 18, 2016.

  1. Hey everyone!

    I feel bad for using my first post to ask for something, but does anyone have a stock exhaust lying around that I can borrow for a short while in exchange for a case of beer (negotiable)?

    The bike's an early model Triumph STR. I think its the same system all the way up to 2011. I'm in Caulfield, VIC

    Thank you!!

  2. which exhaust did you get canaried for?
  3. It's an Arrow 3-1. I do wonder if it should pass inspection. Thoughts?
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  4. ADR ride by test and in-service stationary sound test are different beasts...
    maybe it could pass the stationary test.. could easily have a long baffle designed to kill the noise sufficiently..

    however in the instructions:
    This Arrow exhaust kit must not be used on public roads. It is illegal to use this exhaust accessory kit on the public roads.
    This exhaust accessory kit does not comply with local laws and regulations. If you use this exhaust accessory kit on public roads, you may be prosecuted.
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  5. Yeah but often they just say that as an indemnity waiver ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    To be fair though, I don't believe it has a cat
  6. I've heard of people passing the static test by packing steel-wool in the silence, might be worth trying out at home?
    You can easily install a DB meter app for your phone and do a before and after test before committing to replacing the exhaust.
  7. Thanks for the response, but I must say that sounds like a terrible idea. Have you ever set fire to steel wool? One little backfire and your bike is quite literally toast!
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  8. I've never tried this so can't comment on how combustible it would be.
    That said, I have burned steel-wool and can see your concern.
  9. Have tried many variants at times over the years.
    Steel wool/scoured, plate with holes etc, either don't work for noise, or make engine useless.

    There are much better, easier and technically sound ways to do it
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  10. Do you just need the cans ? or the full system
  11. The whole shebang. I need pipes with a cat in them or it won't pass.
  12. Ok. Sorry I can't help. I do have some stock cans but not the whole system
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  13. That's cool, thanks anyway!
  14. Mate just buy that 2nd gumtree ad exhaust - looks like the full system and you can probably neg down to $120 or 100. Versus $50 for a slab of beer just to borrow some. At least you get to keep the damn things for the next time popo take an interest in your Arrow....
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  15. Yep, currently negotiating getting it shipped down to Melbourne.
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  16. Good luck.

    I borrowed cans from a member here (for beer) which was great, unti lwe realised we needed the whole set of pipes as well - so had to buy those too! Luckily found some right away and in Melb (albeit the other side of town) - so spent a fair bit for the basic task of getting the bike RWC'ed.