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2009 R6 - Thoughts?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by SnOOkered, Sep 28, 2009.

  1. Hey guys recently sold my learner bike and now I'm in the market for a 600, I love the look and ride of the R6 and wanted to get your opinions on the 2008 and 2009 models (if there's much difference, i.e. maintenance, range and lasting factor- suppose thats personal though)...it'd be really appreciated.

    I test rode the 2008 model twice now and absolutely love it(this one is out of warranty and clocked 6,500km - asking $12,500 on the road), albeit it is my first bike ridden bigger than a 250, so i may be biased. What I found was the bike really leans forward and my head almost feels its just above and before the speedo, though its nice and tall for my 6'4" 90kg frame, legs fit snuggly under the tank. I'm yet to try the other bikes from the big4 but feel strangely like this one is it, or should I be patient and try them all?

    ALSO, I know someone who is selling a Red/White 2009 R6 with 254km on it and asking for $14,700 with RWC and a years rego...Do you think this is reasonable?


  2. I'm about your height, and I found the R6 a bit uncomfortable after more than a few minutes. How much time have you spend on it?
  3. The R6's are great bikes, they winning all of the test comparos.

    It will all come down to what fits you best and what floats your boat the most.

    You shouldn't have any reliability problems with all of the recent bikes.

    I went for the Daytona as IMO it's the best looking bike out there and the motor is fantastic around town with so much available down low.
  4. I didnt find discomfort at all while riding, don't know if it was because i was having so much fun though :p .. but I rode it for a good 30minutes, definitely not long enough. What did you find uncomfortable? My legs fit pretty well in the tank grooves.

    One thing I did find though was I felt I was very high up and my centre of gravity felt very much over the tank? Is that normal or is it my height shifting my weight.
  5. Most of the supersports are like this.
    With the Daytona it seems that my head is almost over the wheel.

    They throw your body forward to add weight to the front wheel to help with the handling.
    You get used to it reasonably easy if you have reasonable fitness.
    Some extra sit-ups will help with the comfort.
  6. The R6 seems to me like the most forward-biased riding position of the supersports I've ridden. The CBR seems a little more upright.

    I don't know if they've fixed the issue yet where if these things fall on their sides, the fuel tank tends to puncture and leak petrol. They've caused the odd fireball. Not a big consideration, but a poor design choice.

    I'd definitely test ride the 675, that motor is superb.
  7. My mates 2006 R6 has been knocked over twice with no damage to the tank. He does have some Oggy Knob protectors on it though.

  8. I say try em all.
    I love my R6, but you defiantly want to feel what it is like to ride other bikes.
    The CBR may look much the same, but there is something very different about the ride position.
    For flat out track time I’d rather ride the CBR, but I personally find a little more stability in the Yammy
    But the only way for you to know what suites you is go out and have a play.

  9. My issue was that I felt a bit too pitched forward on it, but I am long in the torso and short in the legs.
  10. Being as tall as you are, no bikes in the 600cc sports class will fit. They are designed for smaller people.

    If youa re still locked into the R6 and want to make it more rider friendly over longer rides, incorporate different clip-ons. You can have clipons that create a more upright riding position which gives you more comfort and does not have your chin rubbing the front fender.

    Just a thought.
  11. Yeah I'm kinda in love with the R6 just love its aggressive looks and red/white scheme :) ... but definitely will give the GSXR (sat on an 09 never test rode one) and CBR a go.

    Yeah i had that pitched feeling too (but i think thats the norm from what everyone is saying) and didnt have any discomfort JUST damn it I want to make up my mind and soon!

    Oh yeah and what do you guys think of that pretty much brand new R6 i mentioned in my first post?

    CHEERS FOR posts so far!
  12. Just a quick question out there... This R6 Red/White I'm looking at has 244km on it, 2009 Model being sold as a Insurance replacement bike. The guy is asking $14,750 what do you think would be a good price to stick my guns to ?

    Btw rwc and rego till May 2010 included too.

  13. That bike is being sold in QLD, isn't it..?
  14. nah melbourne, what do you think ?
  15. How much on road brand new are they?
  16. Bikesales has brand new 09 red/white advertised $15k rideaway.
    Imo i'd go a R1 over the R6......exhaust under the tail looks way hot!

    Something inbetween those two would be the K9 gsxr 750 @ ~$15k brand new rideaway....K10s are coming soon and will only make K9's cheaper too!
  17. Think of the Ninja's! Why doesn't anybody ever think of the Ninjas... :(
  18. Because Kwaka hasn’t made an attractive bike since the 636 :rofl:
  19. I couldn't agree more
  20. :( I think mine is beautiful in a manly kinda way....