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2009 Ninja 250r for $6350 unregistered, Good price?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by kuruptz, Oct 30, 2008.

  1. Hey guys,

    Could buy this bike with 125kms on it for $6350 unregistered, is that a good price? its a private sale.

    Its unregistered as they dont want to mess with paperwork interstate, well right now its registered but they will cancel it.

    How much would i then need to spend to get it 'on-road'?
  2. Probably depends to some extent on the states involved, but it might be better to leave it registered, transfer it and then you send them back the plates and they claim their refund. Any other way I'd assume you'd have to do expensive inspections and such to get it back on the road.

    Can't really comment on the price.
  3. Oh didnt know about inspections etc costing alot.

    Spose it doesnt seem worth it? Would road worthy inspection+rego etc = up to $1000?

    If so its not worth it.

    Arnt these $7.5k new
  4. I don't get why someone would sell a new bike unregistered. It is possible that there's something to hide. For the sake of saving less than $750 (roadworthy + rego would cost around $500 in total), I wouldn't bother with the potential hassle and would just pick up a new one locally.

    Bravus' suggestion should give you the least hassles but a RWC is still required to change registration to yourself.
  5. Yeah thats what i wanted to know, Basically how much these are new to see if it was even worth it.

    But ive decided against buying this one now.

    So these are about $7.5 new? on road
  6. Sounds dodgy as hell to me...why sell a brand new bike? Credit debt maybe...needed some quick cash? I dunno...

    I'd go new and not have to worry. Or, secondhand market and go for something cheap. Like 2, 3k. Invest the rest [its a buyers market, dammit!] and spend on a wicked bike when you are ready to upgrade.

    - boingk
  7. $6350 is expensive for a used bike. I'd just go for buying a new one. Probably not much difference after taxes/ORC's.