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2009 Netrider NRL Tipping comp !

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Mickyb V9, Mar 9, 2009.

  1. Its set up folks . . . join in !

    Go to www.oztips.com.au . . .
    Tipping Comp No. - 174705
    Password - manly

    I've made the change this year to pick away teams if you forget to put your tips in. There will be no excuses this time for the losers ! :LOL:

  2. I knew if I waited long enough someone would have done it ;)

    Cheers MB
  3. In as 'Dean 1300'.
  4. My tip is there will be between 5 and 15 reported sexual assaults this year.
  5. Whats the tip on . . .

    - All night alcoholic binges.
    - Defaced motel rooms.
    - Racially abused taxi drivers.
    - DUIs
    and drug habit confessions ??? :grin:
  6. Thanks for organising

    <----Avatar's me

    Now to just remember to put them in every week :oops:
  7. I've made sure this year that if you forget, it automatically picks away teams for you.

    The bonus points is still 10points for getting all tips correct within the week, and bonus points for State of Origin.

    So, is a Netrider cap up for grabs as a prize ??
    Or are we still waiting on that prize Joel said he was organising ! :LOL:
  8. OK OK so last year I said put your house on the rabits :oops: .'
    So now you live in a bus stop ,but trust me put your bike on the rabbits this year ..they are going to win the comp. :p

    I keep forgetting to put them on so I'll pass this year. :wink:
  9. My devotion to the rabbitohs has cost me any chance in many tipping comps, but my tip is , pick the bunnies
  10. Well your a winner anyways. :cool: :LOL:
  11. Thanks micky i'm in , and yep as a winner tipped the bunnies
  12. I forgot about sponsoring the prize, who won? not me :LOL:

    Tell me who won, and I'll organise it with vic :cool:

  13. Yep.
  14. I am in again!!!!!

    Now Micky..............what your about paying up for last year :LOL: :LOL:

    Hard to start without any form................doggies are the dark horse!!
  15. And because booze companies sponsor the deal nothing will be done.
  16. I somehow agree with that statement !
  17. im a bulldogs supporter for 35 years and i think they will struggle to make the top 8 this year as its a year for rebuilding, if anything, dragons are the dark horse, storm to struggle
  18. You and I just became friends. :cool: :LOL:
  19. But how good is it that this year we haven't raped anyone, molested any minors, visited any brothels, our fans have yet to be involved in any violet incidents, AND we may even be under the salary cap!!!!!

    I'm not even worried about the footy, I just want to be able to wear my Bulldogs cap without having strangers throw stones at me.

    Unfortunately I reckon that it'll be manly's year again. :(
  20. To that you are right it is manly's year, 1 player already charged with sexual assault 1 under investigation for assaulting a sponsor, yep seems it is manlys year for all that stuff :LOL: