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2009 Moto Guzzi Breva V1200

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by phoenixkim, Feb 20, 2010.

  1. Any view on the 2 valve V1200 would be appreciate. Am at an age where I am looking to buy my last bike, this bike really appeals and the ride very comfortable indeed. The price is right and have been offered a good trade in. Unable to locate any reviews so any suggestions would be great as need to make a decision soon. thanks in advance8-[

  2. Thanks Slickncghia - you are correct that the 1200 sports is the 4 valve, I am looking at the V1200 which is similar in some respects but has the earlier 2 valve engine and is a naked bike, the sports also has a headlight surround and small windshield.
  3. I'd be interested in feedback on the longevity of modern Guzzis too.
  4. ahh cheers sorry. I thought in 09 the whole range went to 4V

    hmmm ive read a few reviews on the 4v and they generally say its a mild improvement on the old 2v. I havent heard anything good or bad on reliablity or longevity though.

    I know someone with an old 70's moto guzzi with over 500,000kms on it if it means anything... been through a few engines though
  5. I prefer the 2 valve 1200 motor to the 4 valve motor but then I admit to being slightly biased as my Guzzi is a 2 valve 1200.

    The 4 valve motor does have more top end power but to be honest most Guzzis aren't the sorts of bikes where that really matters and the 2 valve motor runs smoother in the mid range.
  6. The 1100 Breva of a few years ago was getting big praise for being a great bike, including being a Two Wheels Bike Of The Year finalist.

    The 1200 Sport is based on the Breva, but with extra bits and more expensive. With a pipe on, they're one of the best sounding engines around.

    I think you'll find the current Breva a great bike. It appeals to me.
  7. Thanks all for you feedback thus far, I have found some video on youtube but it really does not say much. I looked at the 1200 Sports and 4 valves aside the difference is minor, except the price of course and I think calling it a sports bike is a bit of a stretch to be honest. The issue of more top end power with the 4 valve comes up on the video's and at the expense of the mid range, given the sort of riding that I do I think I would prefer the 2 valve. In any case I am not looking for a sports bike, my son has a new 675 Daytona if I really feel that need.
    Look forward to any other views/opinions/comments , thanks.
  8. Keep in mind that the U.S. market seems to call the 1200 Sport (here) a Breva. The Sport here does have top shelf brakes and suspension and stuff plus a few other bits, but if you think you don't need or want that then the Breva is somewhat cheaper (but there's some good deals on the Sport at the moment too). Depends how much you're saving, I suppose.

    Both versions of the motor have good grunt anyway (especially with a pipe and chip), but the 4V head was a much more extensive rework than just the extra valves.
  9. I think the 2-valve motor is not quite the same as the old motors. It got a fair going over with the release of the Breva.

    By all accounts the newer guzzis are much better than the mid-years.
  10. The 'new' motors started with the 1100 Breva which had more power (although a bit less torque in the midrange) than the earlier 1100 motors.

    The 1100 LeMans Moto Guzzi I owned prior to my Norge was slower off the mark and had less passing performance than an 1100 Breva (although some of that was due to altered and shorter gearing). Top speed was similar due to an increased rev limit on the 1100 Breva motor.

    The 1200 2 valve motor doesn't make much more horsepower than the 1100 Breva motor nor does it have a much faster top speed but it has a LOT more torque in the midrange which translates to much improved passing performance over the earlier bikes without a need to change gears as much.

    This is all relative of course, we are talking about low tech air cooled motors here which offer similar performance to bikes such as the BMW 1150 series and the air-cooled Ducati 1000's.

    The 4 valve 1200 Moto Guzzi motor IS faster and performs closer to the newer BMW 1200 series motors than the earlier 1150 motors, but It doesn't 'feel' as nice to me.

    It needs to rev harder to 'go' and Guzzi motors feel nice in the midrange riding the torque curve.

    If I had a Griso then without a question I'd go for the 4 valve motor (being a sports naked) but since I have a Norge (a tourer) I much prefer the 2 valve motor I have.

    The Sport 1200 is a bit of a halfway house, it's not a tourer like the Norge but it's not as hoon bike as the Griso and depending upon the sorts of riding a person does either motor might be better suited.

    If you're intending to give the bike a bit of stick every so often then I'd look for a 1200 4 valve, if you're content to ride the torque curve and listen to that magnificent bellow in the midrange on the exit from the corners then go for the 2 valve motor.
  11. How many k's on the Norge now?

    Do the new motors need attention every 3000km like the old motor?
  12. 15000kms on the Norge now and no they don't.

    The only issue I've had with the Norge is they come stock with a wimpy rear spring suited only to skinny people and I'm a bat fastard so I've got a heavier rear spring fitted.