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2009 Kawasaki ER-6N

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by nate71c, Jan 31, 2009.

  1. Hi all,

    Has anyone seen or ridden one of these yet? I saw a short testride article in Two Wheels a couple of months back, but when I went to the closest Kwaka dealer in Adelaide, they said they wouldn't be getting any 2009s until at least the end of Feb, possibly later.

    The 2009 looks a lot sharper than the old shape to my eye, and I understand it's got the same ECU tune as the Versys, meaning more torque and slightly higher peak power.

    I wonder how the ER-6N compares to the old GPZ500S? I know the GPZ is a faster, sportier and all round better bike than the ER-5, so just interested if anyone has ridden or owned both. Kawasaki still manufacture the GPZ500 (EX-500) and sell it in the UK and US as a Ninja500. Too bad Australia doesn't get that bike.


  2. I think they are pretty cool looking bikes. My brother wants to buy one. Sorry I can't help you with your other questions. I saw a white ER-6n that looked nice, don't know what year it was.

  3. I rode last years model on a Kawasaki test ride day. I loved it. One of those bikes that adds up to more than the sum of it's parts and is far better than what the spec sheet suggests. It gives really good feedback from the front end and just seems to give you that "grab it by the scruff of the neck and fling it round" confidence right from the get go.
    For real road twisties riding they would be very very hard to beat in my opinion. Excellent brakes (1 finger jobbies for most instances) light as a feather feel in general, nice light effortless tip in & stable in the corners once heeled over. Yet still quite willing to change lines mid corner. I had just hopped off my 625 KTM motard & if anything is going to feel fat it most certainly will after jumping off that.
    The motor is a gem -it will wheelie in second gear & rips to 160 as quick as anything else on the Kwaka ride day I was at. Well nearly everything there It starts to make meaningfull progress around the 4000rpm mark & once it hits about 7000 its time to hang on. No fuel injection snatchiness on & off the gas or surging on cruise. No need to shuffle through the gearbox to pass any slower traffic -just wind it on and go. Or maybe pop it down 1 gear if you're really in a hurry. Nice comfortable ride position & a nice narrow yet comfy seat which lets you hang off the bike if Rossi imitaion cornering is your fetish.
  4. have test ridden one and pretty good. like the 08 but smoother.box felt a little nicer. im looking to see if i can retro fit the engine mounts to mine for reduced vibe.worth getting
  5. That pic is of a 2006-2008 model. The new one has revised plastics and better welding on frame
  6. and a metal grab rail
  7. I've heard some terrible things about the mapping of the FI from two blokes recently saying in the upper rev range it was never really stable.

    If you do buy one, try and get one second hand. The depreciation on these things is shocking, but great if you're buying second hand.
  8. They changed those ghastly and massive aluminum foot peg mounts on the 2009 and a few other things, but it largely looks the same.

    Still wish they'd do something about those ugly radiator surrounds and the associated damage prone indicators.
  9. i must of ridden the biggest dud demo of these things ever.......with it's sloppy front end feel, and sluggish motor, i couldn't wait to hope off it....the more i read these reviews the more i think i need to try another, cos the first one left me with a very poor inpression :(