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2009 Honda VTR-250 (EFI Model) Black

Discussion in 'Archived' started by Dave_the_waterlogged, Mar 4, 2012.

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  1. Hi Folks,

    Price drop $5600 neg
    (Trap for young players - don't put the price in the thread title)

    For sale is my other halfs honda 2009 Black VTR-250 - The motorcycling bug never really bit, so its been languishing unridden and looking very sad parked next to my daily ride. At least she has all the gear for pillioning though!

    Its a 2009 model, so its EFI rather than carb, so easier no manual choke to worry about, and looks pretty good in black.

    It has heated grips and a honda fly screen. Hand grips fitted by 60 Degrees, and wired so they turn off when the bike does.

    Photos (excuse me as I work out the image linking thing, first attempt and all that):

    More available via these links:

    The details:
    - Price $5900 - will include a service, new chain and sprocket, RWC and rego till Sept.
    - Its black - and looks pretty darn good in black, and I say that as someone with a hankering for blue bikes.
    - Late 2009 model, so its the current version with EFI and rest. So no choke to worry about.
    - Heated hand grips, wired to the ignition so you dont have to worry about leaving them on.
    - 22,336 km (this will go up when it goes to its service on thursday). Considering how many K's these things are good for, its barely run in.
    - Its just been serviced by 60 Degrees, and will come with RWC and Rego till September, so all you will need to do is ride it. Feel free to give them and get their opinion on the bike. Just ask about Dave and Brookes black VTR-250.

    Not sure what else can be said about it - the VTR-250 is a great learner bike, and this one will even keep your fingers warm as we come into winter.

    Any questions please just ask.



  2. Re: 2009 Honda VTR-250 (EFI Model) Black $6900

    Now with photos - assuming it all worked.
  3. Re: 2009 Honda VTR-250 (EFI Model) Black $6900

    Price drop to $6500...
  4. Re: 2009 Honda VTR-250 (EFI Model) Black $6900

    Price drop to 5900 Neg. A great learner bike...
  5. Re: 2009 Honda VTR-250 (EFI Model) Black $6900

    Price drop.. 5600
  6. Re: 2009 Honda VTR-250 (EFI Model) Black $6900

    nice lookin bike, see if the admins can change the 'title to change price for you !!
  7. Re: 2009 Honda VTR-250 (EFI Model) Black $6900

    Good Point - trying to work out how to contact the appropriate mod as we speak...

    Hmmm. Its probably so blindly obvious that I cant see it... ](*,)
  8. Re: 2009 Honda VTR-250 (EFI Model) Black $6900

    smee would be a great starting point me thinks
  9. Re: 2009 Honda VTR-250 (EFI Model) Black $6900

    Have PM'd him. We'll see what happens - I was hoping to find out if there was a mod that looked after this particular spot so I'm waste the time of the mods. They have enough on. Worst case it wouldnt take long for me to create a new add...
    The only thing wrong with the VTR is that it convinced me that heated hand grips are a must on the tiger! Sooo nice and warm...
  10. SOLD. Thank you xabit. Hope to see at the Saturday sessions soon...
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