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2009 Honda VFR800

Discussion in 'Archived' started by Whitie, Jun 13, 2011.

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  1. Bike is in VIC with ACT rego.

    My situation has changed and as usual the bike has to go. :(

    This bike has been very well looked after.
    Its done 48000k and just had its major service.
    Bagster tank cover and bag (the tank is still brand new under the cover - NO SCRATCHES)
    Throttle lock for Hwy
    Ventura Rack and bag
    GoCruise GPS wired into ignition
    Leo Vince slipons
    100% Michelin 2CT Power Pure front
    90% Michelin PR3 rear
    Rego is now being paid in 3 month blocks

    I am the origional owner, all my k's, first registered in Jan 2010, never dropped or crashed.

    Very nice looking bike and sounds great !

    $8500 For Vic buyers due to rego cost

    This photo is about 2 months old. Thanks SC.!

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  2. my friend wants a bike VERY similar to this one!!! i'll let him know - he'll be very excited! i just emailed him :)
  3. no problems.. My mobile is 0423307124

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  4. Change of job again??
  5. no im staying here dazzler, but here is a riddle... Starts with a P and ends with a Y... but there is no USS...
  6. policespeedtickety?
  7. looks nice mate, good luck with the sale
  8. haha lowercase, I like it.... but no.

    Thanks goz.
  9. plastic surgery?
  10. A new job in pornography?

    Also, nice bike btw :)
  11. pregnancy :p
  12. goddamn it you're probably right.

    pricky little ruining life babies with pregnancy

    *grumble grumble
  13. Haha.. USS isn't between the P and Y... Think investment.
  14. more pix

    white clouds and blue sky off a black tank.!

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  15. a few more

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  16. Whitie noooooooooooooooooooo .....

    can't beleive your selling her ..

    such a gorgeous looking Viffer that sounds good too ..

    If she really has to go , I hope the new owner treats her with the same respect you have :D

    Nice pic of the bike in your first post :p
  17. p A y ??
    Nice bike btw, restirctions off in january though..:(
  18. im surprised this hasn't sold yet
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Not open for further replies.