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2009 Honda CB400

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Jack3081, Aug 18, 2014.

  1. My CB400 has just reached 60,000K and has been serviced regularly but I,m now starting to get multiple issues such as it,s on the 3rd water pump & still leaking. Today while on the freeway at 100k,s I lost the speedo it just started to go to zero and jump up & down. This afternoon coming home I had no speedo at all. Has anyone else had similar issues with a CB400? I,m getting a little desperate now as I feel it is falling apart for no reason.
    Look forward to any assistance or solutions available!

  2. A couple of things I suggest you do to make life richer for you around here. Firstly introduce yourself in the Welcome lounge forum so people get an idea who's asking questions and then have a look at the CB400 thread. You may find posting your questions there gets a better response.
  3. My missus' CB400 is choking and chugging when I open the throttle right up. It's nearly 55k, Is it likely to be a fuel line issue or something more sinister?
  4. The first place I would be looking would be spark plugs and then checking resistance across the coils.

    I believe the CB400 is FI? So if the plugs check out, check the fuel filter and if that's good, you need to get the fuel pump checked.
  5. The fuel pump has been heard making the odd ringtone... maybe it's crook? How does one diagnose that?
  6. Tough one. I have found that with cars they have just totally died on me, never just worked a bit. Maybe find fuel hose going to injector rail and run it into a bucket and turn ignition on and see how it's flowing
  7. I see they're only $40 on ebay. Might as well get one in and do a swap.