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2009 Honda CB400

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by CruiseOrLoose, Sep 11, 2009.

  1. Hi All ,

    Went down to action mc in the city.

    Good shop, checked out the Honda CB400. Im considering ordering one next month in black.

    They are a beautiful bike and apparently have some speed behind them but have not actually had a chance to check that out myself.

    What the news any body know of anything worth jotting down.

    Goods and Bads . Go for it

  2. From what I've heard, one of the best bikes to spend a few years on before you upgrade, IF you can afford it. I personally wouldn't bother.
  3. They seem to be going for about 6.5k which for a brand new bike doesn't seem to bad.
    Look like they would make a nice little learner / commuter bike.

    Though at just shy of 200 kg seems a little heavy for a 400cc
  4. nah man, i was checking them out earlier they go for about 12k brand new or for the ABS model ur looking at 13k.

    bit pricey dont u reckon
  5. Yeah, 12 or 13 grand sounds about right for one. They cost about as much as I paid for my 675, with 2000km on it. That's why I wouldn't bother. If I wanted to spend that much I would buy an RVF400 or a Ducati monster. Have you got any alternatives that tickle your fancy?
  6. $12K for one of those is steep!

    Consider that a brand new supersport 600cc is marginally more.

    You would pay that and be bored soon after, and I reckon as a used bike, they would be worth $10, because very few people will pay an extortionate sum for them, meaning 1st owner depreciation is likely to be massive.
  7. jeez, you blokes shouldn't post after midnight, honestly

    the 400 is a LAMS bike; what's the point of prattling on about buying a 675 or a 600 supersport when he wouldn't be able to ride it :roll:

    As I posted once before, a 1970s road-racer was up at Robertson Pie Shop on his wife's 400 a few months back. I asked him why he wasn't riding his own bike, and he said he liked the Honda. I asked him about its power and its restriction, and he winked.......
  8. What a wonderful thing that LAMS does for the list price of learner bikes ??? It's all about supply and demand :)
  9. I wasn't suggesting the OP go and buy a bike he/she won't be licensed to ride, I was simply pointing out what CAN be had for the same $$. Put the 2 bikes side by side and see which has development, technology, performance etc at it's core, and which one is unlikely to keep you interested for the long term, and then consider the re-sale......
  10. I realise that, but since the OP doesn't have a choice, it's just academic, and if he wasn't on LAMS, he wouldn't be talking about buying a restricted 400 in the first place, that's all :) :).
  11. I bought one in May...in black with after market pipe and ventura luggage. $11k ride away. 80% of my riding is a 60k daily return commute I have also done a few weekend rides with my mates who have larger capacity bikes. I very happy with the Cb400 and its perfect for the type of riding I do.

    Sure it was expensive but being LAMS approved I figured it would still have a pretty good resale value if ever I decide to move on to something else.
  12. I test rode one of these at hart open day a few weeks back - wasn't very impressed by the bike at all, with its riding position you get a lot wind resistance at over 80k's which sucked... and for that price i'd get something else. Like an rvf 400, which are awesome :)
  13. Have you ridden many naked bikes c0rrupt? You adapt to the wind and it can be quite handy to take some weight off if you lean into it.
  14. No mate, I haven't - Have had only supersports so always alot of weight on wrists etc and with double bubble screens to avert air flow, that being said as a teenager I was always on dirt bikes but I guess you just dont get the speed up enough in a straight line to really feel it.
  15. After reading about the HART courses, I'm actually half tempted to use the CB400... wanted to take one for a spin for a while as I think they'd be a bit of fun.

    No land speed records or anything but whats the point of that these days? Mr Plod likes to spoil our fun, so might as well have fun within the law.
  16. I took a late 90's (import) CB400 for a spin the other day. It felt very light and nimble and the engine was amazingly quiet and smooth. In fact it was so smooth that when I sat on it, I thought it had stalled. It had such a linear vibration-free throttle response that I could have sworn it was electric.
    The ride suffered from far too much wind though. Would be good if it came with some sort of screen. Also the pricing is ridiculous. I spent nowhere near that on my 2nd bike, let alone my learner bike.
    Hell its even more than the two combined.
  17. I picked mine up for $8.5k earlier this year with only 475km on the clock. 2008 Model, yellow, non ABS.

    I was only going to spend about 5k on my first bike but after doing a double take on the price I put down a deposit and begged the parents for a 3k loan. I'm so happy with the bike and the extra $$$ spent. It does need a pipe and a fender eliminator though.
  18. I bought a new one (in black) in May and have clocked up nearly 10,000k's since then. Its my daily commuter and suits my needs perfectly, have done a few day trips with my mates on bigger bikes and the cb400 is fine for anything around the legal speed limits. I'm 6'1 and 90kg and the ergonomics are fine for me.

    The plus's-
    - well built and finnished
    - the basic engine configuration has been around for years
    - handling is very good
    - performance is lively paticularly when the Vtec kicks in

    The minus's

    - None really, although you need to work the gears to get the most out of the top end performance, which is what you would expect from a lower capacity in line 4

    All up very very happy with the cb400 sure it was expensive, but I got the bike I wanted for my daily commute, and my intention is to keep the thing for a long time.
  19. Wow, they've gone up 20% in 12 months! If it didn't take Honda what was shaping up to 4-5 months for delivery (ordered beginning of August and pulled out of the contract at the end of October after being told I may not see it until around Christmas time), I wouldn't have pulled out of the contract 12 months ago and would have had one. They are relatively expensive but are pretty good too.
  20. I could be wrong, but I don't think the CB400 is actually 'restricted' as such. It's LAMS compliant in its full power output form. I don't think you can simply change the ECU and unleash some massive non-LAMS power - it's just not there.

    That's not to say that it's a bad bike - I've read nothing but positive reviews of it. It's been recommended by many people as a bike they'd be quite happy to purchase (and have) as a long term bike.