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2009 Honda CB400 White

Discussion in 'Archived' started by Rushne, May 9, 2011.

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  1. Hi All,

    Up for sale is my CB400 which is Learner approved. Great learner bike.

    Year: 2009
    Model: CB400
    Kms: 3300
    Colour: Pearl White

    The bike has been fantastic, but I have put in an order for a new Ducati, so this has to go.
    It's in excellent condition and now currently has a Megacycle exhaust on it.
    The stock exhaust is also included in the sale.

    Looking for $8000

  2. Wow - not much on that at all. Only 3300km in 2 years? I have that on mine and its only 6 weeks old lol!
  3. yeah, I noticed that too. Mines a 2010 model (purchased Dec 2010) and I've done 7500 so far.

    Is that a Aus version, or an import?
  4. Yep. Aus Version.

    I have been overseas for a while and I'm headed overseas again. So that's why the Kms are so low and I want to sell it :)
  5. Sold - pending funds :)
  6. nice work.
  7. These bikes don't seem to stick around for too long on sale do they.
    rushne what sort duc you put money down on?
  8. Yeah, surprisingly sold through the forum and not via sales website. Not a peep via bikesales.

    RemeN : White 848 Evo :)

    Should be here in June.

    Can't wait!

    Even though I'll be over seas for 10 weeks at a time and only back in aus for 2 weeks. Loved it since i saw it 3 or so years ago.

    New Ducati superbike comes out next year... but that may be a fail :)

    If it's not, I'll sell the 848 and buy it.
  9. Hello good Sir if you're bike is still for sale I want to buy it for my son as a graduation present but I am an oil rig so you will take paypal and i will have my agent pick it up yes? thanks and sincerely.

    PS I am also widow in argentinia and the un have gived me $500000000 million US if you send me your passport and credit card number I will gived it to you also.
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  10. Sounds legit. Go with this go for sure. :angel:
  11. Good stuff with the sale thru the forum.

    Very nice bike there. That bike is on my radar as an addition to the stable down the track. I'm sure it'll be well worth it for the 2 weeks at a time that you're back in oz.

    Like you're thinking and even if it's not a fail you would have ended up using the evo for at least a year.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.