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2009 GT650R constantly breaking down!

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by ghostkk, Aug 9, 2010.

  1. My patience with the Hyosung build quality is wearing extremely thin.

    I bought my 09 GT650R brand new in July 09 up with Peter Stevens in Melbourne, after 13 months I’ve only done 4100km on it.

    5 month in the bike before my first 1500km service the engine oil was leaking every where in my garage, i nearly slipped of my bike because of that. Sent it for warranty repair earlier January this year with guys at Stafford Motorcycles and did the first service there as well later on.

    Just 2 weeks ago the same oil leakage happens again, oil were leaking onto the exhaust pipe causing a lot of smoke and again nearly took me out after getting onto my rear tyre. This time because I’ve moved to Brisbane, had to send it to Team Moto for the warranty repair.

    They ‘re now charging me $160 dollars explaining that because the oil leak is caused by a faulty Tappet Cover gasket and fuel filter , Hyosung will not cover the warranty for this! He explained that the air filter is not a standard feature and hence all warranty is void because of it. The most ridiculous part of this Team Moto issued and passed my Road safety check here for QRoads just a week before this took place!

    They nearly killed me by releasing a false road safety inspection on my bike and telling me all faults have been repaired, I’m wondering where can I bring this further?
    My question is that I didn't install the air filter at first place! How can that now turn back and say they’re not going to honour the 2 year warranty!
  2. It sounds like you bought a lemon.and they are trying to get out of the warranty.go straight to consummer affairs or alike.
  3. I can't remember precise details but I'm pretty sure the filter could only void the warranty if its specifically responsible for the failure....
  4. Thanks Maso! i'm most likely going to lodge a formal complaint on this one.
  5. Save some for me!

    I'd give a couple of shops a ring around and see if there's anyone that'll get it done under warranty. RE the air filter, are they saying that it's an aftermarket one? While that might void the warranty (if the replacement isn't a straight swap for the stock one), it won't necessarily make the bike illegal.

    Try and dig up receipts and see what was done on the bike. If the first warranty issue points out a similar problem, I'd lead with that.
  6. Hyosung? Good luck getting it done under warranty...
  7. Its a Hyosung...nuff said...

    But they can only void warranty where it can been shown that the part which you changed is at fault. Its like saying your engine blew up because you had a crappy tune on your Power Commander

    By going off this:

    I assume you changed the filter or something?
  8. 1) Read the warranty, please type it up and show it here. You MUST have been given documentation.

    2) It's common practice to replace air filters with more efficient or after-market parts because that is the practice in servicing. It is arguable that the contract was entered into with this in mind.

    3) The bike shop is under no obligation whatsoever to tell Hyosung about the filter, infact, they couldn't give a **** what Hysosung stipulates as conditional for their warranty, because as long as they are paid for the warranty jobs, they don't care if your bike is in a state that is covered by warranty. My money is on the bike shop being unhappy with the rates they were able to bill and subsequently bill you.

    4) Your issue is with the SHOP that SOLD YOU THE BIKE. Take it up with them FIRST - read the warranty and ask them if they are an authorised dealer of Hyosung. If they were then they are basically taken to be acting on behalf of Hyosung in contracting for the provision of the warranty

    5) Good luck chasing Hyosung, are they even a registered company in Australia?
  9. They are, I received a recall letter from them at some stage an Australian company and address acting for Hyosung - I'll be buggered if I can remember though.

    Peter Stevens is a big Hyosung seller they might know.

    Hyosung.com.au has a big list of resellers and a contact form as well. No phone numbers ](*,)
  10. If he wants to take Hyosung to a tribunal hearing to have it repaired then he will need a Hyosung Australia company;


    And it has to be that company with which he contracted for the Warranty...
  11. Wasn't Peter Stevens the importer of Hyosung a few years ago? If so, then they are who you need to take this up with if the dealer/s in your area aren't being helpful.

    Whoever the local importer is, that is who you would need to list if you ever got so far as needing to take it to a tribunal, etc.
  12. Peter stevens and hyosung.
    Is there anything else to say?
  13. Smokae: Thanks for all the helpful tips :) plenty of homework to do on this case! I won't let these guys go for selling me a lemon. I'm not too sure whether hyosung is registered in Australia but Peter Stevens is , gonna give them a call tomorrow and see what they have to say.
  14. Yup..A Current Affair. F#ck 'em..browse the Korider forum and see how bad these bikes are. Some of the lucky ones have very few issues..but for the most the forums are full of people who are trying to sort out issues from a shoddy manufacturer. The Hyo faithful keep spouting the line of 'Hyo is aware of the problems and next year's model will be better'..seriously..Hyosung has been building bikes since the 70's..you'd think that they would have it right by now. Shoddy machines with little to no after sales support....no wonder they are paying you a thousand bucks after purchase to ride them.
    Name and shame.
  15. havent read the rest of the thread but wanted to comment on this....i have a hyo (yes yes enuff about how shit they are; they r cheap; they go from AtoB and DONT sound as bad as some OTHER 250s) - had issues (i believe some yr models have the same/similar issues: lights electics CDI flat spot brakes....ok ok they ARE shit lol) all all was taken care of under warranty with no issues and no arguments. easy peasy and all problems sorted and still running great guns - so happy enuff.
  16. I had good dealing with Team Motor re: warranty repairs on a digital tacho replacement about 12 months ago - but this was at springwood.

    i'd take it higher -much higher...good luck
  17. good luck with your bike mate...

    I had/have (depending on insurance repair quote) a 2008 GT250R and it had just ticked over 50,000kms with no issues when I was knocked off it .