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2009 GSXR 600 O2 Sensor

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' at netrider.net.au started by CAM FORD GSXR, Oct 25, 2014.

  1. I bought a 2009 GSXR 600 approx 3 weeks ago and after 2 days, I noticed that when riding at any speed consistently, I would start to lose speed and power. Then I would move throttle a bit, power/speed would return. Also when I went to give it a bit, the revs would not go past 10k rpm as if it was not getting enough fuel. I took it back to the dealer and I told him both issues I believe that the fuel pump is not working properly and the O2 sensor is playing up. They said that yes fuel pump needs to be replaced but O2 sensor is fine as there is no code showing up so every thing else is fine.
    One issue was fixed when the fuel pump was replaced so now the bike revs out harder but the other issue is still there so I disconnected O2 sensor and now bike seems fine when I took bike for a quick ride. Bike now holds speed, I have noticed that this is a fault on gsxr bikes and they wont throw a fault code so if this is a similar problem to you disconnect O2 sensor and take for test ride. Not all bike mechanics are great as they all rely on computers

  2. dc45f90c9e599681ef851488f8e37db7.image.300x300.

    The O2 sensor which is installed in the stock exhaust system of this bike, is used by the Manufacturer to adjust the fuelling in order to pass the emission tests for street homologation.

    This is done only in a very limited RPM range under certain load situations. The intention behind it is not to improve performance, it's aimed to reduce the emission of the engine in the specific RPM/Load situations which are tested during the homologation process.

    This can result in delayed throttle response or unsteady power delivery.

    If you perform changes on your exhaust system or fuelling, it's suggested to remove the installed sensor and replace it with this eliminator.

    The eliminator simulates the signal give from the O2 sensor under optimal A/F ratio conditions. This allows the bike to run under best performance conditions.

    If you install an aftermarket exhaust, remove the catalyst, install a power commander or perform similar modifications we stronly suggest to install an O2 sensor eliminator.

    Cost : US$7.55


    BTW computers are sometimes useful....for finding info like the above for instance...(y)
  3. What you done doesnt add up. Unless you adjusted fueling like the other part you posted says.
    The oxygen sensors will monitor the afr in the closedloop section of your map and vary it for climate changes to meet the preset targets. If you take the o2 sensors out of play all you lose is the variant not the targets. Maybe the sensor really is stuffed.
  4. The sensor is faulty but it does not throw out a fault code apparently suzuki knows this.
    As soon as sensor was disconnected bike did not have issue and bike runs fine getting O2 sensor eliminator
  5. lol I was using tapatalk, which is new to me, for some reason I thought the first 2 posts where 1 post from you.
  6. Like Mike says, get one from Danmoto. I've bought several from them previously and they do the job and delivery is swift. Makes a mockery of the $25 plus postage some aussie based suppliers are charging.
  7. I have ordered one similar NITRO X O2 OXYGEN LAMBDA SENSOR ELIMINATOR
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    I purchased a my bike from A1 motorcycles Brighton (motogo) and I explained the issue to them and I explained that I believe that it is the fuel pump as 1 issue that fixed that problem. issue 2 is o2 sensor they said that is not the problem so they put it on the computer and said there is nothing showing up so the sensor is fine and I explained that Suzuki did have problems with faulty sensor. So I disconnected the sensor and guess what bike runs perfect if only they listen they always think they know everything they just don't want to wear the cost typical. These guys do not have good reviews as I found out after I bought my bike I will never go back be careful.

    Check this out

    I took the bike back I explained it but they did not wont to listen the only time they listened is when I told them the fuel pump was knacked so they replaced that with a new one through my warranty company even though the bike was not even a week old and I was lucky to have done 100km.
    They had my bike for a week as it took that long to get fuel pump they did about 200km and when I picked it up guess what still had problem if they listened and just disconnected o2 sensor they would have found that problem is fixed but because they could find fault on computer diagnostic they say there is not a problem.
  9. Welcome to the forum. We are always a little concerned when a new members first posts are to denigrate a business.

    Did you give the vendor the opportunity to resolve the issue when you could demonstrate the 02 sensor was a problem?

    A dealer that handles multiple marques and models may not be across an issue immediately. It is well known that people who have issues will post and people who have good service rarely do so a few bad reviews is not indicative of a general problem.
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