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2009 FZ6N stock parts and DUCATI 848/1098 aftermarket parts

Discussion in 'Archived' started by boars, Jul 17, 2012.

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  1. I just re-read the forum rules... and realised I used OBO all thru my post... as such I have adjusted to remove the OBO bits and changed prices accordingly. Sorry if I missed anything, this post is a little long ](*,)

    Anyway I'm in inner brisbane... or can arrange delivery in said region... or slightly further afield if you throw me some petrol money.

    I'll be throwing up some extra photos in the next couple of days if there's any interest.

    I will not be posting these items as I do not have time to do so - if they remain unsold and I get more spare time I will possibly revise this decision... I will possibly also list on ebay/gumtree if they're here too long

    Happy for anyone to inspect etc

    Feel free to shoot me any queries - I'm trying to work out what I think some of these things are worth

    Please note the FZ6 parts were on an 09 model that was first registered and taken off the showroom floot in october 2011... so not too old :)


    2009 FZ6N gas tank in black/yellow - $600
    RRP from Yamaha Australia: 1506
    - first used late 2011 till early 2012
    - approx 6 months of use before I replaced it with a black one.
    - no dings, dents or major scratches - no minor ones that I can see - might be some tiny ones that should polish out - welcome to inspect!
    - only removed to change colour of bike in perfect condition

    - If you'd prefer black - you could possibly persuade me to sell the black one instead if the price was better - bare in mind it is debadged, destickered, resprayed in a matte-gloss black - you'd probably want to compare them in the flesh. The matte-black-gloss is not exactly what I wanted to begin with... :)


    2009 FZ6N front fender - yellow - $100
    RRP from Yamaha Australia: 204
    - no issues/dings/etc was switched out for a Carbon fender - which will in turn be swapped for an R6 fender in the somewhat distant future...


    2009 FZ6N stock mirrors - silver/chrome? - $150 the pair
    RRP from Yamaha Australia: 160/each
    - no issues/dings/etc was switched out for a Carbon fender after about 4-6 months of usage - which will in turn be swapped for an R6 fender in the somewhat distant future...


    2009 FZ6N stock exhaust - 350 for both
    RRP from Yamaha Australia: 762 for exhaust / 373 for heat sheild - roughly 1k... absurd.
    - no issues/dings/etc was switched out for a Carbon Mivv Suono after about 6-8 months of usage
    - throw me an offerif interested


    2009 stock rearsets - $50 with CF inserts etc
    RRP from Yamaha Australia: 115 without pegs/bolts
    - slight wear on these, nothing brutal
    - standard pegs + some Black Pro-tek Rider Foot Pegs + stock pegs (if wanted)
    - standard guard and the ebay CF inserts too (if wanted)


    848 pack - $500 - (selling all in a pack - if not sold - will split and price accordingly)

    Below are three items I want to sell today, preferably together. All three are new but I made a couple of marks on them, the CF cowling has a small scratch (will be pictured) and the fairing stay has a little paint rubbed off where I tightened one of the bolts for attaching an 848 light... when trialing. Not an issue as no one would actually see that part of the bike when the fairing is on but it is what it is. None of the parts have actually been used longer than about 5 minutes - was pondering using them for a project but have since decided to go without cowling/stay and mount directly onto my forks instead and use different indicators

    Prices I paid a couple of months ago are as follows

    1098/848 CF headlight cowling Cost $290usd - 36 postage
    1098/848 headlight stay (aluminium/aftermarket) $145USD / 45 postage
    1098/848 LED Mirrors-DP Touring Carbon - $203usd - 45 postage

    If someone in the brisbane region would like to take all three items off my hands, I'd be willing to sell it all for $500.
    ~130 less than purchase price and no postage costs, saving another ~170 involved in freight if buying off ebay and posting to Aus.
    Save another ~$100 worth of nuts/associated crap with the cowling below.

    Also throwing in:

    2 x Ducati OEM SEAL ST4-748B-900M-SS/03 $3.74
    2 x Ducati OEM MIRROR UPP.BUFFER 1098S/07 (superseeded, order SKU 86 $6.82
    2 x Ducati OEM MIRROR LOW.BUFFER 1098S/07 $6.82
    1 x Ducati OEM WASHER 6.4X18X1.6 620MR/S4R06 $1.20
    2 x Ducati OEM SCREW M8X20 S2R1000/07 $3.58
    1 x Ducati OEM SCREW M6X12 1000MTS/03 $1.30
    2 x Ducati OEM MIRRORS SAFETY SCREW 1098/07 $15.58
    2 x Ducati OEM SCREW M6X20 1000 MTS/03 $3.02
    8 x Ducati OEM WINDSCREEN SECUR.SCREW 999B/03 $30.88
    8 x Ducati OEM WASHER $9.60
    8 x Ducati OEM ELASTIC NUT $15.84
    8 x Ducati OEM RIVET $8.72
    4 x Ducati OEM CLIP 748-998B/03 $8.76

    The mirrors also come with orange lense inserts... in the event you don't like the clear ones.


    Damaged 848 headlight - $50 or a carton of random japanese beer. ;D

    - I have a spare headlight that I was using - it is a damaged (read: someone failed at ovening it at the correct temperature)
    - the headlight seems ok aside from the bottom curved bits being damaged - I don't own a ducati but imagine they could be cut off and still used? or perhaps used for an abomination project :)
    - note its american, I assume you'll have to tear it apart and change the sides the reflectors are in?

  2. Please lock/close post - I'll be listing this on ebay or some other service to hopefully get rid of said items :)

    Hrmn I can close my own thread? *tries*
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