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2009 Ducati Monster 1100

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by saba, Sep 5, 2008.

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  2. I can't find any thread on the Monster 1100 other than this one, unlike the 40 pages of information on the Street Triple! Anyway, I just bought one today and will be picking it up on Tuesday. Can't wait! Any other owners of M1100 here?
  3. They say the Hypermotard has the same engine as the Multistrada.
    But saying that doesn't have the same ring to it.....

    But let us all hear about it when you get some kms out on the 1100 Monster.
    I heard its really good.

    What I want to know:
    Hows the standard exhausts are? Sounds restricted?
    Clutch pull?
    What the h'bars are like?
    How it's fuelled down low - low speed 'just off the throttle' stuff.
    Can you make out the dash OK?
    That sorta stuff....
  4. Am I right in thinking that they are not going to update the S4R now that they have the Streetfighter out? Would be a pity...
  5. NOT thet same motor as the Hypermoatrd
    same capacity
    it is the new vacumcast alloy blaock saving 5 or so kilos
    It is also equiped with the 2 oxy sensors where the new EFI system treats each cylinder as a seperate motor macking a nicer ride.
    There is no 4 valve monster anymore
    monster will be monster (slim lithe bike)
    Streetfighter is the performance naked bike
  6. That is correct about the Streetfighter. I read about it and it was from an interview with the designer who said exactly that.

    As for the day to day practicalities of the M1100, I'll let you know after I pick it up next week. :)
  7. So jealous, I want one :(

    Be interested to know what you think of it after a few weeks of riding.
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  9. With the power of the 1098 capacity engine (no it is not the same as the superbike) you would have a very unrideable machine if it was fitted to a monster chassis which is why Ducati are creating a new model.
    I also forgot to mention that the hypermotard engine has 1.5 kg lighter internals that the Multistrada so the engine chracteristics are more suited to each bikes main puprpose :)
  10. The Streetfighter is the S4R replacement. The Chief Engineer of Ducati himself said so in one of the current month's mag. And reading between the lines, there will also be a 848 Streetfighter down the track, which I could be interested in.
  11. NO there will NOT be an 848 streetfighter
    buy an 1100 monster s is the answer
    Ducati want to move away from competing against their own product
  12. I don't know if I agree with that statement. Bear in mind I am a relative nOOb in motorcycle product knowledge. I have ridden both the 848 and the Monster 1100 hard and they are so different in charateristics of the drivetrain. Monster just has massive torque everywhere, whereas 848 is much more of a sports bike engine with crazy power up the top end but not a torquey engine the way the M1100 is. I would buy both a M1100 and Streetfighter 848 (I don't like the riding position of pure sports bike and prefer naked bikes) and don't really see them as substitute for each other. So why SF848 as opposed to SF1098? Well, 848 is more than quick enough for me (too quick in fact!) and I think the 1098 will just beyond my capability and I will be intimidated to push it anywhere near it's limits.

    As for whether there will be a SF848, when asked whether there will be a 848, the Chief Engineer said in that interview that there won't be a 750 for example as it is too close to the Monster in pricing. But there will be other SF variations. So reading between the lines, there will soon be a SF848 with a price that is higher than a M1100 or somewhere between M1100 and M1100S. THink I am reading too much into? I would dearly love to have a SF848 in my garage in the future to compliment the Monster 1100.
  13. It would be a shame if Ducati do not continue the S4R as it is a different beast to the SF. Although i am not mad keen on the new look Monsters which is why i went for the S4R over the M11.

    Whether they release a SF848 will be dependant on how worldwide sales go of the SF1098. If it's a flop, don't expect one. If it goes extremely well, expect an SF848 version but the timeline would probably be 24 months away.

    WAY - Good to see you venturing over here, i'm on your usual forum to. Come up to Sydney and we'll both go order a SF1098 at the same time. Perhaps we can manage to get a free pen each on the deal!! LOL.
  14. Flogbox! Good seeing you mate. Yeah decided to venture into a proper motorcycle forum to improve my knowledge on motorcycle products!

    Hope your S4R is going well. Would love to see a back to back review between that and the M1100. And don't start me on getting a deal with Ducati! :LOL:
  15. Got it! :) (sorry for the crap phone photo)

  16. That is one awesome looking bike. I really love the new monster's headlight.

    One question. How does it SOUND? :grin: :grin:
  17. Well, I will let you know once I have the Termis! :grin: I have done 600km of leisure riding in less than 2 weeks, and once I hit 1000km first service I will be putting on the Termis. As it is the bike sounds glorious, so just imagine it with Termis! :eek:
  18. bump: any updates? =D
  19. No termis yet. Why? Because I have ordered a Streetfighter! I just couldn't resist after reading all the reviews of how mad it is having 155hp on a naked bike. So I am not sure if I want to keep the Monster 1100 or not. Most likely sell it or trade it in when the Streetfighter comes later in the month/early next month. Trade in price wasn't crash hot, but wasn't bad either. You interested in buying my bike instead? :grin: