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2009 Ducati 848 rattling noise, PLEASE HELP

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by BKN, Jul 4, 2013.

  1. Hi Guys

    My Ducati 848 started making weird noises recently. On cold start and idle at lights, it has a slight rattle. My second gear doesnt lock in now so i have to skip to third. Everytime i pull in the clutch it never rattles. I can revv it with the clutch in and engine with rev and sounds completely healthy and no rattles.

    Ive taken it to two bike shops. One reckons it could be the gearbox. Another reckons it could be the clutch or something inside related, or they said could even be engine.

    Ive asked ducati and it seems like they just want too much to fix it regardless the issue.

    Im hoping its not the engine or gearbox and maybe just a clutch issue. But no one will tell me until theyve dismatled the gearbox and/or engine, which is fair enough. Hopefully someone here has had a similar issue?

    Thanks in advance

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  2. Pull the clutch cover and have a look would be the easy way. It's not difficult. Sounds like you've chewed something gearbox wise though. Just a question do you like doing wheelies?
  3. Does this only happen when the bike is cold - not rested......but COLD?

    If so - change oil and change to lighter weight.

    If not - check clutch springs.
  4. Move to Queensland,that where all the Ducati experts seem to be going to.Do an oil change and look for sworf.Start saving money
  5. I'm thinking a clutch spring problem would probably affect all gears not just the one. I'm thinking there's a selector fork issue.
  6. Its probably got a cassette gearbox so at least the cases don't need splitting.The Speedzilla forum used to be pretty 4 valve savvy,ask over there.
  7. Good point
  8. It's a Ducati, they rattle :) Can't really post anything more constructive than that I'm afraid. I've found listening to Metallica through the Bluetooth unit tends to solve the rattle noise. Won't solve the gear selection issue though.
  9. It's a heavy rattle guys. And mines a wet clutch so it shouldn't be rattling.

    I wish there were more ducati mechanics locally. No one will even touch it
  10. If you're in the Eastern Suburbs, you could try http://bikeboy.org/

  11. Yep I forgot about Brad Black,see above
  12. Im starting to be more convinced its the clutch. not gearbox or engine.

    The clutch and noises re act alot every time engaging and disengaging the clutch. I also noticed on high revs the clutch slips.

    Thinking of just taking it in and asking for a clutch replacement, that way i wont get shafted for a gearbox redo or engine.

    The amount of bs i been fed by bike mechanics is unreal. Its a ducati not a ferrari, charging me that much i might as well throw my bike in the bin

    Just spoke to Brad and i must say hes the most reaasonable bloke i spoke with so far.

    Going to drop by and let him suss the bike out, but hes booked out till SEPT :-(
  13. Don't take it to the mechanics, they know nothing about Ducati. Take it to your local cafe store and ask the Ducati experts there.
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  14. I have been reading Brads Blog,dyno work for years.Follow about 40% of whats there.He is top of his game thats for sure.
  15. its fcuked give it to me and i will dispose of it for you
  16. Dood, Dookatis are meant to rattle, not an issue.
  17. 848 does not have a dry-clutch so there is no 'bag of bolts' noise... It also has an issue with 2nd gear... It's not normal
  18. Just an update guys. Bike is at a local mechanics workshop.

    Apparently the whole bike has to be dismantled to get to the gearbox, is this true? Even yet the problem is unknown and a fork is suspected as the problem so far.

    Ducatis are depressing, so over it already.
  19. Just wait till you get a Suzuki...
  20. Suck it up,been there.After spending way more than a sensible bloke would,make sure you dont skimp on anything, after it comes good the shit will be soon forgotten with a good solid fang on a good solid road.A while back a new gearbox went into my Pantah,spending $3 grand on a $4 grand bike sound smart but what are you going to do.