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2009 CBR1000RR Streetfighter URGENT

Discussion in 'Archived' at netrider.net.au started by blocka, Sep 8, 2012.

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  1. ITEM: 2009 Honda CBR1000RR Streetfighter

    CONDITION: It has been dropped im not going to lie but I took the opportunity to streetfighter it. The after market exhaust has a dent on it.

    REASON FOR SELLING: Out of work and have a newborn

    PRICE AND PRICE CONDITIONS: $7000.00 As is, Priced to sell.

    EXTRA INFO: Have original exhaust and majority of parts to revert back to stock if you really want to. Single Seater complianced. Tyres would probably be needed for roadworthy but i cant afford them.

    LOCATION: Ipswich

    CONTACT: 0403838280 or blocka@gmail.com

    My pride and joy is up for sale. I love riding but with a newborn and being out of work I really don't get time for it anymore. This has had a lot of hours put into it and is one of a kind. It's been in Rapid Bikes magazine in 2011 and is a Regretful sale.Has a 12 v socket in the rear compartment and the tilt sensor has also been relocated there. Features RHOK wheel light kit.

    Front and rear huggers are real carbon fibre

    You can see the dent on the tip and end of the can

    Standard exhaust and fairing bits, got a few more in storage somewhere

    Rego prices


    Rapid bikes

    Tank badge holes filled and smoothed
  2. General Pics

    TRON style UV wheel stripes
  3. Going to list it on eBay if I don't have any interest after this week
  4. Sorry to see it go - but understand you have different priorities
  5. I wouldn't be selling it if I didn't have to Tak :(
  6. I didn't know there were some more RHOK lights down in Ipswich - perhaps we should meet up for a quick beer + photo before you sell it!

    Sad to hear it's gotta go though, perhaps later in life you can comfortably wear beige and buy a Ducati :)
  7. Haha definitely plans for a bike later on when things are looking up again. Send me a pm and we can organise something for sure
  8. how much do you reckon it cost to get it setup like a streetfighter mate? i wish i could be interested but i'm on RE's until march :(
  9. Any offer considered
  10. bloody hell man, your not having much luck
  11. WOW! blast from the past..............

    I remember reading that edition of Rapid Bikes while waiting at the Airport on the way to Thailand last November!

    What a trip...............(pun intended)

    Good luck with the sale :D
  12. Haha yea, to make matters worse, family and only car done the bottom end last night so the bills we were going to pay off with the sale of this are now going towards a engine/rebuild/new car
    Can't catch a break at the moment
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