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2009 CBR1000 thoughts?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Mr_Ignorant, Nov 30, 2009.

  1. On the weekend i just traded in the Aprilia on an 04 CBR1000 for the wife. It's such a sexy looking bike it got me wishing i had one myself.

    So i am thinking of possibly trading in the Ducati (Farkin hell this will be the 6th bike i've bought in 1.5yrs LOL) on a new 09 CBR1000 Repsol edition. Has anyone taken the 09 for a burn or know much about them?

    The pricing seems a bit on the steep side at $21k ride away, does anyone know what 'realistic' prices dealers are letting these bikes go for? Last year before the currency took a dive you could buy a new 08 blade for $15k rideaway. I'm thinking $17k is a fair price given the bikes should be based on a 75 x-change rate.
  2. just go second hand...plenty in the $17k bracket and approx 3000ks, barely just broken in.
  3. Why pay the extra for the reposl edition? Get standard edition + ABS?
  4. 17k for a used one with 3k? Dreaming! The 09 ones are advertised as 18k ride away at a few places, and thats before negotiation.

    Haven't ridden one but am quite keen to. Would consider it as an upgrade for when my current bike disintegrates.
  5. Majstk - I prefer to buy from a dealer so i can trade in my bike as my experience of selling privately has not been a good one :-s I haven't seen any advertised in NSW dealers online though so i think new may be the go?

    evader - I have always loved the look of the Repsol scheme and i like to have bikes that are a little different to the norm you see on the road. I wouldn't bother trading the S4R on a standard bike but i would consider it for a Repsol edition :angel:
  6. how much money are you going to piss away trading an S4R on a cbrthou?

    How much money have you pissed away already trading so many bikes in 1.5 years?

    Ride the wife's when she isn't looking.
  7. Had a 09 in the shop the other day. I didnt like the 08 model due to me being a short arse (5ft7). The 09 is very compact and one weapon of a bike. I'd buy one.

    Read more here
  8. PS: Peter Stevens are knocking them out for about $18,000
  9. Repsol has gold front forks.

    bargain! do it!!
  10. (y)
    thats weird.
    cos i'm 5'11" and tried one on for size a couple of weeks ago and it felt better suited to me than my 600RR.

    that seals it then, the 09 1000RR is the perfect bike for everyone. :grin: