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2009 Australian Superbike Championship dates

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by pvda, Oct 6, 2008.

  1. As many will be aware the promotor for the Aussie Championships is changing for 2009 and the info for next years series is starting to filter out with the first being the proposed calendar.

    Rnd 1. Winton Vic. .....................13th-15 February
    Rnd 2. Phliip Island (WSBK) Vic ...1st March
    Rnd 3. Symmons Plains Tas. .......13th -15th March
    Rnd 4. Phillip Island Vic ..............10th - 12th April
    Rnd 5. QR Raceway QLd .............5th - 7th June
    Rnd 6. Barbagallo WA ................17th - 19th July
    Rnd 7. Eastern Creek NSW .........7th - 9th August
    Rnd 8. Phillip Island MotoGP .......18th October
    Rnd 9. A.I.R SA .........................30th October - 1st November
    Rnd 10. Calder Raceway Vic .......13th -15th November

    Pointscoring races at the World Supers & MotoGP, Winton at the start of the season (Winton in February = 40+ degrees) and the possible return of Calder to Road Racing are the stand outs as well as the dropping of Malalla in favour of AIR.

    The above info was taken off the current series promotors web site as the www.asbk.com.au site hasn't fired up as yet.
  2. OMFG Rnd 1 at Winton :shock:

    Who's the pencil pusher who decided that one?

  3. Jeez, four rounds in Victoria and one in the other states kinda doesn't look right to me, but then we have had two at EXC for the last few years so time to share I suppose, but Calder?

  4. Calder has done a lot of work which will be complete at the end of this year. It will be great to see the return to motorcycle racing at Calder Park for 2009..... it is so close to Melbourne with all the "new" freeway work, and Bob Jane's remarkable vision means that the "noise" problem is not an issue that has caused other race circuits huge problems.
  5. Ah, you mean Yarrive Konsky, new promoter for the ASBK, current FX and SBK competitor, successful promotor of MA sanctioned MX events and winner of the recent Hughie Hoare event at Broadford?

    I'm having a bit of a guess, but I reckon as a pen pusher, he might even be a bit more experienced that you?

    Anyway, wasn't there a 421 page thread a few weeks back wanting to know why we don't race in the summer?
  6. So Cejay, what racing did you do over this last winter?
  7. I'm quite excited by what the new ASBK will bring. If all the promises come to be, then the ASBK has a very bright future.
  8. None, thanks to those lazy, good for nothing damn organisers and promoters!!!!!

    Have you seen how crap I am riding in the rain and cold (and for good reason too!)? Have you seen the weather for this weekend @ Winton? :)

    Nup, racing in the cold and/or rain sucks.

    I think FMG will be good for the sport here. An organiser who has recent and relevant racing experience and the respect (from what I've seen) of a lot of the competitors in the local scene. I don't know Yarrive personally, but from what I've seen he has a presence around and about him that implies success.
  9. What is the weather like for next weekend, have not had a chance to look?

    Just finished unpacking the very wet and muddy stuff, then the dusty stuff from the other days, from Phillip Island, (Friday was bad) plus all the paperwork!!!

    Think I will be in Paris and surrounds next July.........
  10. Mostly sunny
    5 / 27°C
    Chance of Rain
    5%, < 1mm
    AM Wind
    Slight N 12km/h
    AM Relative Humidity
    PM Wind
    NNW 13km/h
    PM Relative humidity

    The pleasure was all mine.
  11. Thanx Brother Joel.
  12. Not to mention the price of a set of wets for every race!
  13. Hmmmmm think I will hang around medical, be more action there then on the track @ that time of year.
    And if this guy is meant to be so sh!t hot, & experienced, then he should have some idea on hot it can
    get out there @ that time of year.

    Common sence for Winton round & for the safety of ALL involved, would be to hold a couple of months further in.

    Cant improve on your racing in the wet/cold if you dont get out there so stop bitchin about it.

    And as Joel so kindly pointed out the weather for up here this weekend is good.
    We had our rain yesterday. So I guess you will be coming up, and I guess this does make you a fair weather rider after all?
  14. FFS.

    You specifically asked who the pen pusher was who made the calendar. I pointed out who that person was and their experience.

    And for fair weather riding? After having had a big big accident in the rain you can probably understand why I am not keen on racing in the rain. That and the fact that a set of racing wets get killed very quickly in anything other than soaking rain. My last set I trashed in 10km when the rain stopped.

    Nothing is perfect and as I pointed out in the thread that Flux started, you're damned if you do and you're damned if you don't. You have just made that point for me.
  15. am i missing something here? winton in february would be 97% hot and dry and perfect for racing? it's in north central victoria, the home of drought for f's sake! please tell me what i''m missing, cos the calendar looks pretty good to me, especially a couple of rounds at the island which has been mssing for far too long...
  16. It'll be too hot!

    Boo hoo........

  17. Are you planning on entering this meeting, tri?
  18. The so called pencil pusher above seems over qualified to pick dates for the local rounds From that other thread about weather I thought the date pickers where rusty and krusty old fools with no experiance that just followed euro dates for the fun of it and to spite the riders that hate the cold and wet conditions ...Hmmm egg on face anyone...
  19. Sure, when all the sooks come and do my sport. 9+hrs, 103farenheit, 98% humidity, heart rate above 70% the whole time(last time I raced).

    It's on this weekend actually, you can follow the race live at www.ironman.com Sunday morning our time.

    And I've done track days at PI in 40+degrees, and that's 6x20mins(2hrs), which is more than the racers are on track at an asc meeting on race day.

    So I say again, pussies! :p

    I bet the fit guys aren't complaining!
  20. You are one tough mofo. You will win the superbike races by 2 laps.