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2009 ASBK revised calendar now available

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Charmed, Dec 2, 2008.

  1. Australian Superbike Championship

    * Round 1: 27 February - 1 March 2009, (WSBK) Phillip Island VIC
    * Round 2: 4-5 April 2009, Symmons Plains TAS
    * Round 3: 29-31 May 2009, Queensland Raceway QLD
    * Round 4: 7-9 August 2009, Eastern Creek NSW
    * Round 5: 29-30 August 2009, Mallala SA
    * Round 6: 15-18 October 2009, (MotoGP) Phillip Island VIC
    * Round 7: 13-15 November 2009, Calder Park VIC

    More info ASBK and MA
  2. Thanks Charmed. Now we can all plan our year.
  3. Less rounds like they were all whinging for and now they are whining about what is left!

    We should have a girls championship coz I reckon half the guys would be eligible to compete!
  4. If the issue for most competitors is time and money then this calendar seems to be a good balance.

    Reduced rounds means less cost.

    Even spread of the rounds over the year means that racers have time to get to and from races without jeopardising their regular jobs and time to fix any bike issues.

    Also misses the southern states' tracks during winter.

    If I was racing, it'd look good to me.
  5. What are you doing next year, Dean?
  6. No Winton round,
    No stand alone Phillip Island round,
    Not all classes playing at thr PI GP rounds,
    No round in WA,
    Only Victorian stand alone Round is at Calder Park which hasn't had a bike event for a lot of years.
  7. Calder is having a rebuild. I've seen it. You'll like it.

    Road Racing will be on at Calder again.
    This is good, for a number of reasons. Mainly to do with money.
  8. I agree it's not perfect and a proper round at PI would be great rather than being shunted around the intl races. I also agree that WA would have been a well supported bonus.

    But I still reckon it's a workable calendar?

    Rog, I'll happily potter around with BEARS again but the NSW part of our calendar is still not right with a similar bit of 2008's confusion over rounds happening again. But there should hopefully be pleanty of racing to be had.
  9. 2hrs from a capital city and the worst track surface of the three circuits in Vic(with Calder revamped), I'm not surprised.

    With the massive crowds at the SBK and MotoGP meetings, this is purely for sponsors exposure to more potential customers. Don't look after the sponsors=no series. There would be a number of sponsors to which this is the main reason for their involvement.

    Out of their hands I'm sure, there are only so many hrs in a day that they can race...

    Saving just about everyone LOTS of $$$$

    The newest track in Oz, should be a great race!
  10. Know it well as I work at 4 wheeled events there and will probably make an appearance at the 2 wheel stuff (I hear Preston MCC is running something there before the main game arrives in town which will be a good test of the systems).

    Triway, I was only commenting on what's being discussed on other locations on the 'net.

    I agree with running at the GP's and if WA wants a round then the government needs to subsidise the transport costs of getting the series over there, just like the Tassie Gov kicked in and helped get the series to Symmons Plains in past years.