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2009 600cc Review or 2010 bikes coming soon?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by dastrix, May 11, 2009.

  1. Is there an online review comparing the top jap 600cc super sport bikes or are the 2010 bikes not far off??

  2. hey dastrix
    pick up a copy of the newest Australian MotorCycle News mag coming out wednesday for AusTest where they put the big contenders up against each other.

    Additionally, if you look for the 600cc shootout that FastBikes UK did a month or two ago I found that very informative, well written and unbiased.
  3. awesome, thanks mate :D
  4. Bah, what you need that info for. You already have the best 600 around.
  5. Hey when's the next AMCN out?

    I got the issue with the 1000cc AUStest (track) and was *really* hanging out for the middleclass bikes and various road test issues in these two classes.
  6. It's out already. It has the 600cc Austest
  7. Awesome. So I guess in the following issue there will be the road test of the 600 and 1000 classes?

    Better go get it on my lunch break!
  8. Actually, anyone able to point me to results on the internet or at least tell me who won? Did they test a gsxr750 + daytona 675?
  9. Yes to 675, no to 750.

    Most of the mags actually have their reviews of the 600's out right now.

    Each one has a different winner and reasons why :p

    motorcycleusa has had theirs up for a little while now as well, some interesting videos.
  10. AMCN 1000cc track test done and published last issue. Road test being published soon.

    AMCN 600cc track and road test done and published in the current issue.

    No 750cc. 675 in current one.
  11. AUS MCN ranked em

    1. R6
    2. ZX-6R

  12. wooooo so r6 wins for track and road wooooo, i use the roads like a track so wooooo again :grin:
  13. Hmmm I wonder what the other mags say. Better check it out, just picked up AMCN this morning.

    Interesting how the 675 just one that best all round award (was it SuperTest?) but doesn't rank too well in AMCN. Any current reviews of the gsx-r750's showing up? Really interested to see how it goes.
  14. Hmm just had a quick flick through the mag - it lists the Daytoan 675 as having a slipper clutch - I was almost *certain* that was an extra option you had to purchase from the triumph race kit.

    can someone confirm that 2009 675 doesn't come standard with a slipper clutch?
  15. I guess it comes down the manufacturer that spends the most on advertising wins.

    Remember AMCN had the daytona as the best road bike last year. How can it go to 1st to 4th in a year? Yes, I do own a daytona.

    I think the best startegy is to go and ride the things and make up your own mind.
  16. I'll be buying a 675, no questions asked really :)

    It's miles ahead of the other bikes in it's torque and power curves, and the price is right. I also fit on it well, being 6'3".

    And as far as I'm concerned only Ducati make a better looking bike currently, in any class.

    Would really like some info on the slipper clutch though - did AMCN just get it wrong, or fit one to the bike?
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  18. Do some research on this, I'm pretty sure the daytona doesn't really need it, as something in the engine takes care of it. I would look into it but I dont have the time.

    From motorcycle.com (link above):

  19. According to Warburton, the Keihin fuel injection system lifts a throttle plate to reduce engine compression braking, feeling a little like it has a slipper clutch. He reminds us that the system was present on the previous Daytona but got fine-tuned for the ’09 update to further decrease wheel chatter. A cost-saving method if not rather inventive.

    Well there you have it.

    From http://www.motorcycle.com/shoot-outs/2009-kawasaki-zx6r-vs-triumph-daytona-675-88441.html