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2008 ZX10. ugly looking???

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by cheky, Nov 11, 2008.

  1. I went to Race Replica on Saturday and my mate is looking to get a new bike. I have always liked the Kwakas. i didnt mind the ZX6 but then i saw the ZX 10. Is it just me or are thoses things hideous??? indicators half way down the mirror stalks and the exhaust looks like a deformed cannon? I would like to get the ZX6 shape with the ZX 10 motor but thats wishful thinking. Even the front nose cone looks wrong on the ZX 10.

  2. He's buying the bike, right? ....and you are not his misses that has to sit on the back, right? You won't be taking it home with you after a long hard day in the saddle, right?

    So, who gives a shit what they buy? HTFU and get out there and ride!

    Or are you scared they'll give you a hiding on your v-twin?
  3. Is he going to ride it or stare at it? If he just wants it for looks then I recommend the 1098r.
  4. Freddy, firstly im not scared of getting a hiding on my vtwin. Secondly its a showbike so im not stupid enough to be trying to drag my bike but for you i will make an exception... anywhere, anytime just name a time and place but bring YOUR bike and your wallet. Secondly as a close mate he asked for my opinion so if you know how to be a mate you dont talk shit to a mate. Dont think im being rude. i was merely asking if people thought the zx 10 was ugly or not?
  5. a few pics from the kwaka site...
    i like it
    hi tech, mean, tough and scary...
  6. Hey thesal, I thought in the pics they looked good to untill i saw it up close in the flesh.. The exhausts are a lot bigger then what it looks. Pictures seem to make it look great. If you get a chance try getting down to a shop. I think the best kwakas were the 05 with the exhausts under the seat. Now they look crazy.
  7. You are a twat, aren't you? It's ok you can admit it.

    You make post rambling about how to tell your boyfriend that the bike he is going to buy is ugly....... then you talk about being a close mate and not talking shit, etc, etc.... but here you are talking shit asking how to break it too him that you think the bike is ugly!

    AND THEN....you go and edit the post removing the part where you ask us how to break it to him!

    You sound like you should be writing to Dolly (do the still have that magazine?).
  8. yes i know what you mean...pics can be deceiving and the initial shock of seeing a new model can leave some people some what disappointed...
    but hey i wouldn't bag a mate if he rocked up on one of these babies
    horses for courses and embrace new technology and ideas i say
  9. Your a real Co*khead freddy!! why dont you go play with your BMX with a playing card in the spoke so it sounds like a bike. I edited the post as yes it did sound a little stupid. But trying to get cocky and being a smartass is only going to result in us both eventually having a blue. As for the dolly magazine, try looking under your bed you might find your stash so you tell me if they still exist. Oh thats right dolly doctor broke your heart when you told her your a dic*head what should you do... Boo hoo grow up you a tool!
  10. those things are scary fast
  11. I think thesal everyone has a different taste in bikes. I would never bag a mate. as if they didnt like my bike in which some people dont as they prefer the 4cy rather than a vtwin. I think with a few mods the kwaka could look the part? but its the rider who has to like it.
  12. I was more of an icypole stick kinda guy but thanks for the memories.

    So you admit that you sounded stupid? But your still upset about the smart ass reply? I think HTFU still applies here.

    I'm going to look under my bed now, be disappointed if there nothing there.....dolly doctor was great reading...... what does frigid mean again?
  13. I really like the design of the new ZX-10. Styling of bikes is just like clothes, trends come and go. Large side exhaust seem to be in at the moment, as are moving the indicators to the mirror.
  14. Internet forums bring out the best in people dont they? :LOL:

    So far we've got a drag race set up, shortly followed by a blue. Sounds like a great nights entertainment. Where do we buy tickets :cool:

    But back on topic. In black with a proper exhaust those ZX-10s look great.
  15. I like the new zx10 also, looks mean and cross eyed. Much better in person. Much better now than the bulging predecessors.

    I think all the new sportsbikes look better than before. I hated the new cbr but i like it now, and the new R1 i like, and im gonna buy a new gsxr1k next year.

    The new zx6 for 09 look like the 08 zx10 currently.
  16. That hideous exhaust and those stupid indicators are the only things I don't like about it, the sooner that crap goes out of fashion the better off we'll all be :evil: (I think the rest of it looks pretty good though :grin: )
  17. I read in a review that the reason they put the indicators halfway down the mirror arms is that they can be taken off easily to set the bike up for the track if that helps anyone :LOL: