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2008 ZX-10R

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Johnny O, Nov 20, 2007.

  1. Hey guy's, just got home from the Kawa Dealer meeting, they had the following new 2008 models there for us to check out...

    Ninja 250

    The new ZX-10R is so totally new, it is like a whole new type of bike, nothing like previous sports bikes, it felt so light and hard edged, I think the litre sport bike book has been re-written.
  2. Sounds like Kawasaki want to start winning races. :) How does it compare to the other current litre bikes? ...and what do you think of the '07 ZX-6R?

    I'm looking at buying a 600 early next yr, with the intention of converting it to Superstock / Supersport when I'm finished with 125GP.

    Also... The pics of the new Ninja 250 look awesome. Finally there is a viable alternative to all the tired old CBR250RRs for new riders, besides Hyosung...
  3. Availability of the 10 John?
  4. Didn't the top Kwaka SBK teams have a big part in the development of the new 10R?

  5. Alrighty. I still think that the Kawa ZXR-250 (ZX-2R) Ninja, Suzuki GSX250 Across and the Yamaha FZR-250 still give good competition to the CBR250RR. I own a CBR250RR 1990 model but those other bikes still have some kick with very similar horses and kilos to the CBR. And by the way, the CBR's may be old, but they arent tired, ill tell you that much, they scream louder than ever :wink: .
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    08' ZX-10R first ride at Qatar

    MCN Road-tester Adam Child has just got off the brand new Kawasaki ZX-10R
    after the first session at its launch in Qatar and has sent us his first impressions.

    Check back for the full video review and grab MCN on December 5 to read the full


    More top end? spit.
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  8. Just waiting for the 08 blade to be released here as well. Will be great to see how they test ride against each other!