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2008 ZX-10R

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Deadsy, Sep 12, 2007.

  1. Visordown has the first genuine images of the new 2008 ZX-10.



    Looks good. I can't help but see similarities with the gixxer for the front/nose, though.
    Looks better than the new Fireblade, and now that leaves just Suzuki. I wonder if the the GSXR-600 will get any changes?

    EDIT: Oh wow, Motorcycle-USA has an article and better pics.



    Those smaller images don't do it justice. This bike is hott!!
  2. Hmm No ugly gills like some piks showed... But where is teh rest of teh fairing...
    You know cutting the fairing back like that is not what makes teh 675 Sexy... it takes a little more work than that.
  3. The new exhaust (which looks like the 2007 Z1000's pipes) is a genuine fugger.
  4. a lot of the new bikes seem to be coming with that type of zorst. Must be making the aftermarket companies happy, coz you'd want to get rid of that can as soon as u bought the bike. ditto with the rear fender. its a stupidly obvious "we only put this for design regs" part. why cant they try to integrate it a bit better?
  5. (wipes sweat from brow)

    Thank christ i got a 2007! eeeeeewwwww.
  6. Ive been waiting for the ZX10R range to change the front end....but not to THAT :evil:

    They cant just slap an R6 front end and tail on and not change the rest of the bike to suit :LOL:
  7. Thats hawt :grin:
  8.  Top
  9. Why all these new bikes coming out with such fugly looking exhausts? :?

    Its maybe something you just grow into. I used to hate the look of the
    undertail exhaust but have gotten used to it now.

    Wouldnt be worried about the rear fender because they come off anyway.

    Not too hot on the idea of having indicators on the mirrors either & kinda
    prefer having colour on bottom fairing as current models.

    Overall its a hard call w/out seeing the bike in person.
  10. Too true Mg, the black fairing blends into the frame. Def needs the overall colour scheme :wink:
  11. Looks like a GP bike, love the ass end, very nice... :grin:
  12. Looks terrible next to the 2007 version.
  13. OMG what is with those front indicators :sick:

    I have been hanging out to see this bike, but I am not that impressed unfortunately, maybe it will grow on me? I will wait to see it in the flesh before I pass final judgement.

    Atm the gixxer is still top of the looks imho.
  14. What i can see with all these new sport bikes is there making it worse to have a pillon. I wouldnt sit anyone on the back of the late model sport bikes these days, and if I bought any of these i would go the solo option for sure.

    I dont mind the look though, very MotoGP!
  15. I like the reduced amount of fairing, you see the engine a lot more making it look like its got some "Umpf" under it. Exhaust is a bit wacky though. Its like a nacho.
  16. No late model hypersports is or was built/designed to comfortably
    accomodate 2 people.

    Thats why they are called sportsbikes. :LOL:

    Made & designed for one person comfort only.
  17. Yeah I didnt mean to make myself sound stupid MG but cheers for pointing it out!

    But at the same time they are getting "less" pillon friendly is what i was getting at.
  18. Bike manufacturers make a bold statement with ugly exhausts.

    Change your stock exhaust.