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2008 Z750 Front sprocket change

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Judwah, Dec 31, 2008.

  1. Hi guys and girls my name is Mark i own a 08 Z750 i love it to bits but its time to start moding it a bit.
    the first thing i want to do is gearing i would like more acceleration and to get the front wheel up easier.
    I was thinking of going down two teeth on the front and seeing how that works(or should i go -1 on the front and a +2 on the back) but any suggestions would be great.


    P.s i live in cairns so if you live in cairns and are heading for a spin feel free to message me.
  2. going down one tooth at the front is equal to going up 3 on the back. I wouldn't recommend going down 2 at the front instantly without having done this mod before as it does drastically change the acceleration.

    You'll probably also throw your speedo out of whack as modern sports bikes register the speed by measuring the rpm and calculating it from what gear you're in. This can be fixed with a $100 speedo healer.

    I recommend -1 at the front and +2 at the back. Then you wont need to worry about non standard size chains to fit.
  3. Agree, taking two from the front is too drastic.

    I would start with one at the front and see how you go.
  4. Wwelcome.

    -1 on front makes a big difference. Mild stunters run -2 / +4 or so - to give you an idea. So go -1 front
  5. awsome guys thanks alot ill take one off the front and see if that does the trick :grin: