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2008 Yamaha R6

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by rob_, Sep 11, 2007.

  1. http://www.motorcycle-usa.com/Article_Page.aspx?ArticleID=5260&Page=1

  2. That is awesome. 14 months and I could see myself on one of those once I'm off my restrictions.
  3. These are basically the R1 technology from this year transposed into the R6.

    Like the new schemes though!
  4. that colour scheme looks awesome.
  5. Graphics are 2 years behind Kawasaki
  6. lol is it missing a dash of lime green johnny? lol

    I dont mind the lime green now on the kwaka...its grown on me.

    Yamaha always do a sexy looking bike, sexiest of the japanese 4 i think. But its apples and oranges.
  7. Well not realy, Yamaha had the flames in 2003 & 4 on there R6
    So mayybe it is Kwaka that has done teh copying
  8. That is a pretty sexy bike!
    I would rather black with red flames like they did a few years ago!
  9. no big difference.....I am waiting for something fully brand spanking new from all the manufactures but i dont think that will happen until 2009
  10. Love it!!! I only wish Yamaha would style the front end of the 2008 R1 like that. The big bug eyes on the R1 are a huge turn off!!
  11. are we getting europe or us color scheme?
  12. An all new chassis and heavily revised engine is "no big difference"?
  13. <-- cant wait until they ship to australia, i will be grinning on my way to pick one up!!!
  14. Flames on sports bikes are so cheesy... :oops:
  15. But everybody loves flames, and at least these ones are relatively small. It's the flames on the current GPX that are cheesy IMHO.
  16. i wouldnt say its a major change but a slight improvement. I would say from the 05 to the 06 was a major change as everything was new and including the look.
  17. So, will new R6s have some decent torque at the real world rpm range? The current one is so track-focussed that it isn't much fun onroad unless you want to lose your licence.
  18. Easy fix. All that is required is a power commander and new sprocket set. Down one in the front, up two in the rear!
  19. Let me just help you out here:

  20. trust me,its still fun on the road. Sure its a little doughy down low(not much) but just keep it high in the rev range and its a barrel on fun!