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2008 Yamaha R6 track bike

Discussion in 'Archived' started by goz, Jan 23, 2012.

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  1. 2008 Yamaha R6 track bike - FIAT design

    2008 Yamaha R6 track bike for sale

    2008 model
    12000 km's
    Shorty levers
    clip ons
    Fiat Race glass
    and more

    I have owned this bike from new

    Never been tracked

    Ready to go bar a few things

    $6700 ono as is

    List of things to do

    Replace scratched engine cover
    Bolt on rear seat fairing and underneath tail fairing
    Glue seat pad on fairing
    Adjust rearsets to your liking

    More pics few posts down

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  2. Wow thats cheap! hang on to it for 6 months till I can afford it? :D
  3. I fly out July so your cutting it close lol
  4. if only i had the cash and a few more track days under my belt...

    good luck with the sale mate, dont think you'll need it though!
  5. Better pics






  6. open to offers :)
  7. Hi mate just wondering if you'll take $100 for it? Cash of course, might even be able to pick it up today and you'll be all cashed up for the weekend!
    Get back to me!

    - Some time wasting douchbag
  8. ill do a clean swap for your bike :D
  9. Goz, says you've never tracked it, can I ask why selling and how come never hit the track? Thing does look awesome, i've passed the details onto some friends in Melb who have been looking for a track bike
  10. Working 2 jobs now mate and have no time to ride these days, but believe me, its killing me to sell this bike, this will also be funding my overseas trip in July, I used to use the old road as my track on this bike since buying it new :D, You can ask udlose, finn, noob, one and a few others on this forum about the bike if you want to go further than the horses mouth :)
  11. Cheers Goz - I feel you mate, I'd be heartbroken to have to sell it also.

    No further info needed thanks - I've copied the thread link over to some mates in the market, you never know, maybe one of them might be your taker!

    Where you going on this trip then?
  12. France, Germany, Montenegro then Serbia, old man lives over there, havnt seen him for 8 years so thought it was time, prob last time ill ever see him
  13. price updated
  14. Really saddens me to say this



    Martha is off to Perth, you will be missed old girl
  15. now you can get that daytona youve allways lusted after
  16. Well done mate, good choice getting it finished and resetting your price. If it was like that when I was looking I would have taken it of your hands!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.