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2008 Yamaha R125... New R1 colours too...

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by rob_, Sep 11, 2007.

  1. The 125 says it's bigger then the honda and bigger tyres and should be faster...

    If they can keep it around $5000 ,it will be a ripper for leaners and city zipper bike.

    I'll get one seconds hand ,to zipp down the beach. :LOL:
    Thats if they bring it out here?
  2. I'm confused...
    Every one took there 250 Super sports out of the market and now they are putting 125 super sports into the market.
    people complained that the 250's were revy and gutless, how does halving the engine size help the situation?
    They are going to be trecherous for a learner rider. if you can't keep them in there peak power they are going to be slugish, and if you can keep em in the peak power you will probably have the experiance for a bigger bike.
  3. I think you will find these are for the EU market that considers these learners or junior type bikes. We get the crap the rest of the world wants. :roll:
  4. go do some study rob_ :p
  5. Might the 125 market be catering to the UKs 25kW power limit?
  6. I'm confuses too, the bit where you said "125" and "super sport" in the same sentence. :LOL:

    Know mater what way you look at it .... when it's got a yellow L plate hanging off the back ,it can only do 80kph and it's got to be faster then the other 100 cc+ scooters and they keep up in the city traffic.
    I do get where you coming from ,they should make 250 that look like this ,we know they sell.
    Rumor has it ,it will do 110kph unrestricted.
  7. 2 years under 25 kw??? FFS Even teh ZZR puts out 27, so that really limits you to singles or sub 250s...
    And people are arguing for LAMs here, the poor brits seem to rally have it hard.
  8. O.K. 125 Crotch rocket, is that better :LOL:

    hey in Vic there is no silly dangerous 80kph rule.
    I am more concerned with lack of Acceleration than worrying about top speed.
  9. Maybe the new Kawasaki "250" I posted about is also a 125. Would make sense now.
  10. Maybe though it does look bulkier. and on a bike that has so litlte power and torque you wouldn't want any un-necisary weight.
  11. This stems back to some posts I made ages ago. In the UK there is a completely different licencing system. As a junior you can only hold a A1 licence (125cc). This is for 16-18 y.o. These bikes are aimed at them!!

    They would be terrible here for the Aus. market. At least LAMS will give you the GS500(F).

    Above that you can sit for courses and go for your open equivalent to any capacity. The test requires a commando styled negotiation course. Followed up by a road test.

    The difference is that time spent on the smaller capacity bikes bears no relevance to you getting a full open.

    Only basic skill is needed, road craft is much more vital in the licence test.

    This is why if you have years of driving experience, you can virtually go straight to a 1000cc.
  12. Maximum power 11.0 kW (15 PS) @ 9,000 rpm
    Well definetly comes in under the English 25kw mark
    And an Equily anorexic amount of torque
    Maximum torque 12.24 Nm (1,25 kg-m) @ 8,000 rpm

    Though it does achieve both 2krpm lower than the ZZR 250 for example (But the totals are half what the ZZRhas (250 Vs 125 who woulda thounk it)
  13. Looks awesome :grin: , on small twisty course it would be bags of fun to race :cool:
  14. Let's face it. It will pull like a good scooter, but let you achieve a higher top speed and duration (~100 kph).
  15. i dont understand why these bikes arnt 250's...its not like honda didnt have a variety of 250 engines for the cbr 125...im hoping the kwaka is a legit 250. Im interested in getting a brand new, sporty, 250cc bike, something i can commute on, and take down to track days(hey i dont mind being passed on the straight, but i do enjoy the corners)

    Im starting the think the market will open back up to 250's soon, the 125's will be released first hopefully, followed by a superseeding via the larger capacity bike.
  16. 1. The flava for 125's is because all youth riders across Europe are constrained to that capacity.

    2. There emission targets allow high volume sales whilst maintaining low output targets.

    3. The pricing is competitive with the scooter market which is massive.

    A 250cc version will be outside the competitive pricing market, not in the target audience market and multiply the emission controls needed.

    For emissions there is a target for what they call Euro 4 standards, current at Euro 3. Larger bikes will be much more expensive to build and sell at this rate. The smaller bike market has greater pallatability.
  17. /me nods

    I get it from a market viewpoint. More potential customers etc.

    From a riding perspective, giving someone a place to go before the big scary 600ss machines sounds interesting.

    Still from a riding perspective...i loved the cbr125r....but its limited to city rider for me...the 250 brings it onto a comfortable cruise on the highway.

    Stupid europe...125cc...lol
  18. 13.8L tank? If the fuel consumption is anything like what I hear about the CBR125 it'll run forever.