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2008 - The year in pictures

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Chef, Dec 27, 2008.

  1. You had me worried Cheffie. I expected a Lakes Entrance shot. Would have been like a Butchers Shop.
  2. Amazing shots, cheers.
  3. Judging by all the photos presented from the first link (didn't look at the others) you could easily say 2008 was full of hate, heartache and pain :(
  4. x2
  5. Did the surfer make it back ok?
  6. :LOL:
    Hehehe, no mate, that would of come with more warnings.

    No probs fellas.

    Definitely a tough year, and i don't expect them to get any easier anytime soon. It will become even more important to celebrate the good times whenever and wherever they occur.

    (taken from part 3)

    Man i hope so, those guys have got balls. Respect.
  7. like a butchers shop Rog? Charming
  8. With the exception of your good self, Sarz.
  9. Oh right, i see how it is.
  10. Nice shots Cheffie. Changing the subject.
  11. Which ones???

    Oh right, yeah gotcha the ones above! :wink:
    Yeah, i got a range of different responses looking at them. Can't wait to get my jetpack, they said we'd have them sometime around the 21C. Hopefully they mean this end of it and not the other.
  12. Let us know how you go.
  13. Has there ever been a year when it wasn't? You can normally find more hate, heartache and pain than you could ever imagine could fit into a year in Africa alone. Let alone the Middle East or Mexico. You just don't get to see much of Africa's atrocities.
  14. My next bike is the jet pack. How cool is that!!
  15. Very VERY cool :cool:

    "In space, no-one can see you speed"
  16. hey chef, can you edit that HUUUGGE picture down to 800x600 and repost it please???
  17. Yeah mate i just hot linked, I'll pull it.
  18. :applause: Brilliant stuff