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2008 Suzuki Intruder VL250 - Cutting Out Whilst Riding

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by suprntrl, Oct 25, 2008.

  1. Hi Guys :]

    I recently purchased a brand new Suzuki Intruder, I picked the bike up yesterday with 1KM on the clock and had a friend with more riding experience ride it home. I took the bike for a ride late at night in the industrial area(because I am a learner rider and new to bikes) and as I was cruising along in 4th gear and about to shift gears the bike cut out and turned off. I pulled over to the side of the rd and tried starting it again. It took 10mins to start and so I decided to head home, as I was riding I felt the bike start to lose power as I down geared as if it wanted to cut out. Suddenly it cut out again. This time taking a further half an hour to start mean while starting to kill the battery in the process. It started once again and this time I got around the corner before it died again as did the battery. I had to stick my bike in the back of a friends ute to bring it home. I recharged the battery, checked the fuel, looked for kinks in the fuel lines, had some of my friends(more experienced riders) look over it and no one could work out what was wrong. Called the dealer and they said they could not look at it today regardless of how irritated I was.

    I was wondering if anyone here could please give me a heads up as to what the issue could be. I must admit I am new to motorcycles and have little knowledge on trouble shooting. Im hoping its just a mistake ive made and its something trivial. Any help would be greatly appreciated :]

    Thanks in advance

  2. that could be a multitude of things

    first i would check oil and water and hopefully they are fine

    next the basic three, spark fuel and compression, if fuel and compression can be assumed fine you'd need a really good spark (8mm under atmospheric temp and pressure) really need more info to help sorry
  3. Need the carby heater

    Had a similar experience the other day on my VL250. Was a cold morning and the bike just kept cutting out when coming to slow or stop. It is a known fault with them (when temps get cold enough) and the fix is a carby heater. Just had it fitted yesterday. They come fitted with them but they are not connected. Took about 1 hr to have fixed.

    Appearently many people experience this but the heater seems to fix all of them.

    Where are you from and how cold was it when you took it for the ride?
  4. Thanks for your replies :]

    ajl: I have checked oil and water, both are fine. I honestly don't know how to check for spark fuel and compression but I would assume they are fine because the bike is brand new and im not sure if this is relevant to spark but I started the bike this morning, it starts with choke on and as soon as I give a little throttle it turns off. I restarted it with choke on after a minute and a half I turned the choke off and it cut out again.

    zuki250intruder: Im living in Melbourne. It was not too cold possibly about 12-14degrees, i rode the bike down my street last nite and it cut out aswell I started it and rode it back to my home and the temperature was about 18-20degrees. What you have suggested sounds very interesting, do you have anymore information on the carby heater fix?
  5. I had this happen on mine too, but only three times on the very coldest of cold mornings.

    Another thing to check is to see if the fuel tank is breathing okay. Open and close the tank cap to let some air in, in case that's the issue.
  6. The carby heater only activaes when the outside temp (not ambient but what is experienced when riding) falls below 7 degrees. It heats the fuel during the ignition process and keeps it from freezing within the throttle body.

    I had mine do it at temps of around 15 degrees but there was a reasonable cold wind experienced when riding.

    The thing to remember is that it does not have to be freezing for the carby to ice. Just the right amount of humidity and chill from fuelling process and wind chill will do it.

    Worth a shot anway. It is only a 20 buck part and can be installed by any dealer.
  7. When I first stared riding my bike used to cut out everytime I hit the horn - until I realised the button wasn't a horn but the killswitch. This info wont help you with your current problem, but it may help others when they make a mistake and think they are the stupidest person on earth.
  8. Had similar problem with my intruder.Did the once over and came across
    plugs not torque correctly,matter a fact they were just nipped up.
    Re-tightened the plugs,took out for a run and "wella" No problema !
    Although I do have a concern with the bike taking awhile too warm up with the choke.
    I am seriously considering fitting carby heaters
  9. Odd, mine's usually fine to go in the time it takes me to don a helmet and gloves.