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2008 Suzuki GSX650

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Jeimbo, Jun 28, 2008.

  1. Well, the delivery date for my wife Stacy's new black Suzuki GXS 650 happened to be today her birthday! :)

    She doesn't get her unrestricted licence for another fortnight so I rode it the 15km home from the dealer.

    Now, some context - I ride a GSF1200 Bandit - 2006 so it has carbies and is air/oil cooled.

    After all the 90 minutes of forms, documents, insurance, extras from the parts shop and keeping our 2 kids (2 and 8 year olds) occupied, I started the 650 up and ambled out of the showroom onto the carpark. Hmmm, a lot smoother than my Bandit....smooth as silk.

    Onto Plenty Rd (100kph limit) - boy she likes to rev....100kph = 5000rpm vs 3750 on the Bandit. 6 speed so there's some revvin and shiftin to get there but there is zip vibration, no fuss just smooth acceleration. Grip and handling? Feels like a kids BMX compared to my Bandit. Chuckable, grippy notwithstanding waxy tyres and braking....well, it shares the same brakes as my bike!

    Did I say it was smooth? Comfy and fast - it just wants to rev its ring off so I suspect tiny bore and long stroke. What a blast! Can't wait til Stacy's done a few thousand clicks so I can have another ride!!

    Specs are cool: fuel injected, liquid cooled, digi dash, hyd clutch, 6 speed, black, black, black paint. 17" rims, 160 rear rubber, lots of bits same as my Bandit ie body work. Adjusted gear lever to sit lower and she's right.

    Highly recommended - a ton of fun. Hmm, wonder if I could snaffle it when she isn't looking....OUCH, sorry darl.

    Being chief service rep and detailer around here I will be spending lots of time with me old china Mr Sheen keeping these two scoots in top nick - the GSX black means it'll look filthy before the candy red Bandit but washing is a weekly chore which accompanies garage lagers so not altogether a bad thing.

    Handling, accerleration, light weight, and fun, fun, fun.

    Gotta love it.

    Only thing, centre stand a $250 option but we got it - after all, I gotta lube that chain!!
  2. Good choice, :wink: ...the girls got a nice ride there.......

    You have got to be kiddin' me :shock: .. an option...SHEEEEZ! :mad:

  3. G'day Jeimbo that bike is high on our list for Mrs 2wheelsagain to look at.
    Roughly whats the out the door price in Whittlesea mate?

    I want black (to match the B1250) and she wants red...............
  4. Roughly the same weight as the Bandit, IIRC? Did it feel lighter?
  5. Bravus, it feels half as heavy - it is so flickable and zippy. It really turns into corners whereas the 1200 needs to be coaxed in :)
  6. Some pics after a wash and Mr Sheen polish. Had to pop the 1200 in there too!



  7. Jeimbo Is that a ventura rack? looks good. Thats my next purchase.

    well done, without doubt the best value motorbike ever made.

    Be sure to get a yoshi pipe you'll be glad you did, extra 5hp and awesome sound . congrats and enjoy.
  8. Yeap ,its a great bike , congrats to your boss. :grin: .

    Check out the GSX650F forum ,all the after market mods for this bike in the one spot.
    And you can see what others have done to it ,like setting it up for touring ,pipes ..new seats etc ...... :cool: .

    I'll get a Yoshi pipe ,like 99sydrd ,he's looks and sounds great.
  9. I was gonna say, how bloody big is the can on this thing??

    And is it really necassary?

    Apart from that, its a sweet looking bike, and a darn good price too...
  10. Yep.

    Nice bike, congrats to Mrs jeimbo!
  11. Its becuase of the new euro 3 emissions standard.

    I love it :p

    Jeimbo ,get some red rim tape ,breaks the all black up abit .
    Notice I also painted the "ram air :wink: " mesh red on the front fairing.
    And some other mesh in the fairing ,also added come carbon covers over the side panels under the seat.


    Sorry about the fuzzy pic ,but you get the idea. :)
  12. Yep, it's a Ventura. Make sure you get the big expandable Euro bag.

  13. Nice work Sleddog. Mrs was saying how evil the air ducts were - will look devilish painted red!!

    That can is the biggest bong I've ever seen on a bike this side of my 1200! Question is Yoshi or Staintune?????
  14. It's not a Bong :p ,its a hot water system :LOL:

    Go the Yoshi ..better sound and looks . :cool:

    And see the 650F site for a ,how to ..on the ram air ducts. :wink:
    Can't PM here :oops: