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VIC 2008 Suzuki GSX1400

Discussion in 'Bikes for Sale' at netrider.net.au started by movin, Apr 9, 2016.

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    Blue /white model

    The GSX1400 instantly became a classic the day Suzuki ceased production in 2008 (due to emissions regulations) and has a loyal fan base with a lot of people owning multiple examples.

    This K8 has genuine low mileage and is in good condition. 09/07 build date but first registered 08. White/blue paint scheme.
    Few scratches and wear of 34k bike.
    Its not immaculate as I used to actually ride the thing and don't polish it like my rocket every other weekend.
    Getting married so need the cash. Weddings ain't cheap ya know!
    I'm the second owner and the bike has always been garaged and well looked after. Original muffler are included in the sale as spares.

    The bike has a removable rear rack fitted.
    Staintune 4 into 1 muffler.
    Pirelli GT Angel rear. Wiil replace front for RWC. So both tyres in excellent condition, front and rear.
    Bikini fairing.
    Mature owner, bike has never been trashed or dropped.-If you can actually thrash a GSX1400, and avoid speed cameras, good luck to you. If you can, your broke from hiring lawyers to get off speeding fines & you should probably be riding a Ducati or something else anyways.
    Comes with lambs wool seat cover/black.-As I'm older, I ain't got nothing to prove. Besides which my ass and nuts hurt on long rides and touring it has mostly been used for.
    Selling with rego till November and RWC will be provided upon sale.
    Has heated grips fitted, but intermittent and suspect wire somewhere?
    Regular 4-5k oil and filter changes.

    No test pilots, overseas deployed engineers or armed forces servicemen, oil rig platform workers, all wanting to pay deposits via fedex blaaaaaa etc.
    Pony up doe or peezoff
    $7,000 and it's yours

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