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2008 Suzuki GS500F

Discussion in 'Archived' started by Disco_Dave, Jul 22, 2012.

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  1. Suzuki GS500F for sale.

    - Great learner or first bike with comfortable upright riding position and excellent fuel economy.
    - Located in south eastern suburbs
    - Recently serviced and has also had new front tire fitted and new chain and sprockets fitted. The bike has been meticulously maintained.
    - Yoshimura exhaust fitted which sounds fantastic and really brings out that unique twin rumble.
    - 28,600km on the clock and has never missed a beat
    - Rego HD-759
    - $4900 ONO

    Feel free to inbox me with any queries or to organise an inspection.

  2. Might want to upload some bigger pictures to photobucket or something and link them, the photo uploading thing on this site sucks, at least for me. Good looking bike, I've been looking at these for a while but unfortunately don't have the money right now :( Good luck with the sale :)
  3. Cheers Gurbachen and thanks for the feedback, larger pics now uploaded :)
    I have tons more from my touring around Victoria, which is pretty much what the bike was for.
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  4. Good bike. Good price.Good pics. Good luck!
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  5. If you've still got it for sale in 4-6 weeks, I think you'll have a buyer..
  6. Kade I love you for your avatar
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  7. And I think I love you for yours.

    Currently re-watching season three for roughly the 9-10th time.
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  8. Had a serious dilemma between leaving my ringtone as Mulatto Butts or switching to Danger Zone. Currently still Butts. Sorry for the thread jack!
  9. would have bought this no worries 4 months ago. looks great.
  10. please tell me you boys have researched your shit properly and downloaded the 2 episode's they released of the xtacles spin off show...they canned it after the first 2 tho sadly but it's upto archer's standards (just without archer which is a shame)

    and to finish off - how'd you get life insurance lana? don't they know your in the DANGER ZOOONE

    Also it appears The Xtacles is a spin off of Frisky Dingo, a show I'm not particularly fond of. It just shares Adam Reed and Matt Thompson as producers
  12. wow...epic **** up...im tired...shut up...you are right tho...i loved both shows and got into them around the same time hence the mix up - my bad...
  13. Damn I got the update email thinking I had lots of sale interest and now this... hahahaha. Good to hear Kadeo :)
  14. Sorry ludey :D
  15. The Xtacles Spin off? I honestly haven't seen it. Have seen plenty of Frisky Dingo though. I was told about the spin off show, but must have forgotten to have a look at it, over and over again.

    Sorry @ludey
  16. Leave the poor guy's thread alone, or buy his bike. Ooops just did it myself, sorry Ludey.
  17. Looks like a tidy bike -- have forwarded the thread to a friend.
    Good luck with the sale.
  18. no dramas everybody, i guess its free thread bumpage haha.
    Thanks dryfter :)
  19. Is the bike still available?
  20. Hi Rod,
    Yes bike is still available. I have responded to your PM.

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