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2008 Snowy Ride Pics & Slideshow

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by CFVFR, Nov 14, 2008.

  1. #1 CFVFR, Nov 14, 2008
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    Hey all, have a few pics from this years Snowy Ride that you may want to see.

    Had a blast, took the old roads to Thredbo and had a awesome days riding about the areas on the Saturday. Just under 3000 bikes of all types, even a vespa.
    Took us 10 hours to get there and a few extra on the way back as I stuffed up and took the C511 from Kevington over the ranges. Turns out I didnt check it was sealed Duh!! 80km took us almost 3 hours to negotiate.
    No soft cocks here fellas.

    Catchyas (hoping to join the prom ride next week)


    ps Slideshow is on the way. Its only a basic one as my windows movie maker was not recognised as a format. Maybe I am just stupid, so here is the link. With some soothing sound from the master of the sax. David Sanborn.







  2. i would like to ride there one day, but i dont want to ride from sydney to cooma or wherever you start, will have a sore bum and be tired before I start, then after the ride comming back home by myself, I rather not.

    Is there any transporting service that takes your bike to that area, and you catch a plane and pick your bike up from the airport?
  3. What bike you got?

    Plenty of roads to get to Cooma - scenic or otherwise. My way - freeway to Goulburn and turn off and go via Bungendore to Quenbeyan and then Cooma - just over four hours. Or via the coast but obviously longer

    And you got enough money someone will transport your bike :wink:
  4. Re: 2008 Snowy Ride Pics

    Just someone who can't read maps :wink:

    Great pics though and always a good feeling to do some dirt on road focused bikes :cool:

    Also stopped at the Western Lookout on Alpine Way with the Musketeers - great view

  5. That platform was just built for bikes
  6. Just do it! no point driving to a ride! :grin:

    My best advice for a Sydney sider would be to take Friday and Monday off work if you can. I left Sydney about 9am, met a mate in Canberra, headed into Cooma and then up to Thredbo. We were there about 5pm. Did the ride Sat, stayed in Thredbo again Sat night and came back to Canberra on Sunday. then I rode back to Sydney on Monday morning.... i'm on L's and had to chug along, but i'd do it again just for the experience. Heaps of bikes heading down on Friday morning, so no worries about doing it yourself! :)
  7. You forget the sore bum in a short time and remember the awesome twisty roads and fantastic views more.
    We stopped every two hours or so and we were fine (well, until we got to the unsealed section of course!) Good Times!!

    Treat it like an adventure