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2008 S4R Ducati Monster Review

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Andymcm, Feb 15, 2008.

  1. Man, I must be hitting the mid life crisis 10 years too late. What is a 50 year old thinking when he buys a Duacti Monster?????

    Currently ride a R1200GS so you'd think something a bit more sedate for a second ride, but OH NO! I had to let the testosterone rule (what there is left of it).

    This bike is an absolute horn. I haven't felt so keen about riding since I picked up a new Harley wide Glide in Perth almost 15 years ago.

    It's uncomfortable, puts weight on my wrists, the firm supension jars my back, the tank is too small and wheelies far too easily (for me).


    The handling is razor, the note (full race system, I've truly lost it) gives pedestrians erections as I drive past. It looks 100mph even when it's parked. The exposed clutch (told you I'd lost it) makes a rattle like the motor is full of gravel and I love it.

    Is it my ideal bike, NO. At my level of bone structure I couldn't own it as my only ride. As my hotrod, you bet.

    I have reviewed the :demon: here:2008 Ducati Monster S4R Review
    and will stick a picture up.

  2. damn the link dosent work for me...sounded like it was going to be good :twisted:
  3. Sorry slickncghia

    I'm too occupied thinking about getting on the horn machine in about an hour. Have fixed the link. It WORKS now.
  4. I nearly bought one of these. It is probably one of the most beautiful bikes I've seen. (Next to the 1098 of course) For it is extremely comfortable and I"m sure I could ride it all day long. The only issue being the vibration from the twin mounted pipes on my foot. The S4R goes like stink when pushed but if you're using it for around town then the S2R has exactly the same amount of usable power.

    In the end I decided against the monster as I think I'm going to have one last fling at a proper sports bike. CBR1000RR before I get too much older. The only things that put me off this bike were, the value for money at $22,000 it's a lot for a naked bike. Plus it is in desperate need of upgraded pipes as the stock units sound awful. $3000 from Ducati because it comes with a new ECU. Lastly is the fuel range, I was told to expect about 150 ks out of a tank. This was the deal breaker, and got me looking elsewhere.

    I will get a monster eventually, just not until I'm 50 or so.
    If I live that long on the blade. :p
  5. Yes the pipes are EXPENSIVE but nice. I get 120 k's out of 9 litres and the tank holds 15. Can be annoying but mostly works out ok. On a trip sitting around 110-120 and having a bit of fun overtaking I reckon I would have gotten 230+. Thats after the pipes and new ecu. But uses it when you use the go grip.